Opening A New Warehouse? 3 Strategies For Success

If you are thinking about opening a new warehouse in 2017, this could be a very big jump for your business. If you want your warehouse to be successful from the day it starts operating, you should pay attention to the following three factors:

Strategic Planning

Your first step should be to take account of your current supply chain, storage and distribution facilities as well as of the system you utilize. If you currently operate stock rooms and warehouse space, try to obtain their blueprints or at least draw a sketch. Make a separate list of the equipment and write down descriptions of how your inventory is currently kept and moved.

Once you have your drawings, lists and descriptions ready, you should write down any improvements you think should be made. You should use these observations as the first half of your strategic plan, the second half will consist of interviews with your managers and warehouse workers who can give you ideas on what you should do to ameliorate your supply chain.

Location Is Everything

Whether you are seeking to add a new warehouse or consolidate your operations into a single facility, you should choose your location carefully. If you are like most business owners, your first thought will probably be to choose a location that is as close as possible to your current office. This is not a good starting point as relocating your office will always be easier.

It is more important to choose a location that can be conveniently reached by providers of professional warehouse services. If your warehouse is supposed to receive materials transported by means of large trucks, make sure you choose a building that is not besieged by constant traffic and that features an ample loading bay.

Design The Right Layout

When the time comes to arrange your warehouse, you need to think about your inventory and the nature of your business; in other words, you need to think in terms of stock-keeping units (SKUs). Your shelving system will require deeper rows if your inventory contains a large SKU catalog. Shallow rows of shelves can be arranged to make fewer SKUs more visible. You should also make sure you have adequate technology, like that found in the warehouses of Jayde Transport, to adequately track and safely store your goods.

With regard to the aisles of your warehouse, you generally want them to be as wide a possible. Ideally, they should be wide enough to fit two forklifts side by side if your inventory includes large items.

Rushing to open your next warehouse may end up being counterproductive. Be sure to review the three steps listed herein before you start looking for new facilities.

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