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Because the area of event planning is such a broad industry, salaries are very different depending on what sector of the market you are in. Also it has to be taken into account whether or not the event planner in question is an independent contractor or employed by a company, in which case other benefits might also apply. However, averages do exist so let’s take a closer looks at the career opportunities and matching salaries to boot.

Salaries And Opportunities Of Event Planners Who Just Graduated

This could be seen as the entry level or ground zero from where the recently graduated event planner will be climbing up the corporate ladder of success. This level of event management is hardly as glamorous as most expect it to be, but they are excellent starter jobs at which the brand new event planner can learn the ropes. Graduate event planner jobs are mostly administrative by nature and attract salaries that typically start at approximately $40,000 on a yearly basis. Depending on factors like location and being an independent contractor or an employed one, there may be more benefits involved like free tickets, travel allowances or subsidized traveling and accommodations, in case you happen to work in the tourism or hotel management sector.

Salaries And Opportunities 10 Years Into Event Management

Event planners with 10 years of experience under their belt basically have a free reign on where they want to work and with whom. At this stage in the event-management career, the event planner most likely will have worked at many different locations, know lots of people and have created his or her own network of contacts in the business. This is an event planner who knows the ropes and how to get what he or she wants. Event planners with this kind of experience usually organize the entire event from start to finish and depending on whether or not they operate independently, their salaries typically range between $60,000 and $65,000 a year.

Salaries And Opportunities 20 Years Into Event Management

Once the 20 year mark has been reached, senior event planners working for a company usually have moved into positions of great importance and carry a lot of responsibility for their employers. The vast experience of their years in the field as well as their arsenal of contacts, sources and resources has made them invaluable to the company and they are capable of making decisions at a directorial level on behalf of the company. They often end up in positions, like senior manager, and at this level six figure salaries are well within reach.

owever, salaries vary greatly per sector. To illustrate, a senior manager in the hotel management sector earns approximately $130,000 on a yearly basis, while the same position with event management companies earn about $150,000 a year.

For most senior event planners this is the stage of their career where they launch their own business, making maximum use of their vast knowledge and experience. Combined with a massive network of contacts and resources this makes for a fertile base for success while you are studying events diploma Melbourne.

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