Online Training Videos: An Effective E-Learning Tool

What is Online Training?

Online training is a relatively new form of e-learning that allows users to learn about different subject matters from the comforts of their own homes. In such type of learning, you are usually provided with options for different courses or lessons, that you want to learn about, through videos that demonstrate the knowledge and skills required. There are plenty of websites on the internet providing online training videos with 24 hour access, which means that users can look up videos on any subject and, therefore, learn about anything, anytime, without being bound by the limitations of time.

The Effectiveness of Online Training Videos

Online training videos are particularly popular among employers seeking to train their employees through such videos on the internet. This industry is experiencing a rapid growth as, an increasing number of human resource and training managers are adopting this medium to impart training lessons to employees to educate them. A survey carried on 2000 managers by Bersin and Associates, reveals that almost 60 percent of them use online training for their employees.

Scientific research has proven that most of the material that we retain in our memory is the result of visuals, that is, we tend to remember a particular thing the most when we actually see it happening with our eyes, either in reality or in a video. Then it comes the hearing, and lastly, reading- two other effective methods of learning. Thus, online training videos combine the elements of sight and hearing, which actually prove to be quite effective as compared to other forms of training and learning.

Websites, such as, provide online training videos with 24 hour access, which can be watched any time of the day or night by purchasing a subscription and signing in with your account. After purchasing the subscription, you are given options to choose the courses or lessons that you want to learn through the videos. Such websites also keep track of your progress by letting you know about the videos you have viewed and the videos that are still left to be watched.

Benefits of Online Training Videos

Although online training videos require some time and effort to create, they can prove to be quite useful in the long run, in terms of training new employees in a cost-effective manner. Given below are some of the top benefits of online training videos.


Online training videos are an ideal tool for people with busy and tight schedules, since, they can be accessed from their homes or from wherever possible. This means that they can work on their own pace without having to attend scheduled training sessions.


Such training programs are cost-effective as, they can provide training lessons to employees without the need for spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on training sessions which incur organizational expenses and material costs etc. All that is required for online training programs is, to develop course content and a video which might require occasional modifications.

24-Hour Accessibility

Online training videos are usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, providing users flexibility to allow them to learn at their own pace. The websites’ interface also allows learners to apply different functions, such as, fast forward, pause, book-marking videos and much more.

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