Online resources for helping small businesses succeed

A small-business owner can use every bit of help he or she can get in running a business smoothly while encouraging profit. Some small-business owners are able to hire employees and staff members to help manage different areas of business operations. Yet others must work as a Jack or Jane-of-all-Trades and attend to everything. No matter where a small business falls on this spectrum, the use of helpful web resources can streamline business operations, reduce workload and stress for the owner, and help build a healthy client base and profit. The following web resources are a glimpse of all that are available, but they can provide effective help for foundational business operations.

Tools to make running a small business simpler

  • Accounting & Human Resources. Some business owners find accounting and human resources tasks to be simple, while the same tasks make others want to rip their hair out. Paycor is a comprehensive program that helps business owners manage payroll, employee work time, benefits and other human resources tasks. Unlike other programs, Paycor doesn’t involve confusing accounting and bookkeeping codes, so it’s easy for anyone to use.
  • Conferences & Meetings. Whether a business owner is meeting with clients or employees in person or over the Internet, SlideRocket is an ideal conference presentation tool that works with the user to create a professional presentation. SlideRocket makes the task of preparing and conducting a meeting or conference simple by providing the user with professional-looking templates and tips for effective content marketing. Any presentation created using this program can be shown in-person or over the Internet with a computer or mobile device.
  • Networking & Community. Networking is a very important part of business-building. Connecting with the right people can help further a business in ways the business owner can’t accomplish alone. Xing helps entrepreneurs and business owners connect internationally with others in the business world. In addition to helping a small-business owner establish good connections, these programs also help them manage communication.
  • Email. A business with employees working in the field or around the globe often has to rely on email communication to stay in touch. Utilizing eMail Manager facilitates this process by allowing the entire team to connect in one place, no matter where they are. Users can create and share reports, send updates and work together to increase productivity by way of effective email communication. When sending out email newsletters to customers, business owners can create a professional-looking newsletter and send it out to a list of customers using a program like ExactTarget.
  • Calendars. 30Boxes allows business owners to create simple calendars that can be shared and easily accessed online. The user chooses which portions of the calendar to share with employees or customers and which to keep for his personal schedule.
  • Collaboration. Yammer is like the businessman’s version of Twitter or Facebook. It allows professionals and team members to communicate, collaborate and share information. The program can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer or from a mobile device. Yammer saves time and trips back to the office because of the ability to share important documents and files through the network.
  • Marketing. Marketing and advertising strategies are vital for a small business, but effectively implementing them is mindboggling to some business owners. If hiring a marketing firm isn’t an option, a program such as Traceworks can help small businesses create, use and track a simple, yet effective, marketing campaign that works in conjunction with many other marketing venues, such as Google, Facebook and email.

Efficiently expand business

Utilizing one or more of these tools can help a small-business owner tend to accounting, sales, inventory, communication and marketing more efficiently. When these tasks run smoothly, time is gained for business building, instead of having all hours of the day wrapped up in keeping the business afloat. Business growth is what helps a small business turn a profit and hold its own against the competition. Using effective web-based tools to achieve these goals is smart business.


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