Online Media Marketing: The New Generation of Marketing for Businesses

It’s a new generation for business, especially in marketing your product or service.  The age of smart phones, Google, and social media are becoming more and more popular.  Online media is where the majority of customers are viewing business advertising.  Especially with the popularity of smart phones, the convenience for people to discover and fulfill their needs using online media is endless.  And the use of the online format will only continue to become more and more valuable for businesses to market their products and services.  So how can social media help you interact with your customers?

The Strengths of Online Media

One of the very powerful things about online and social media is that it allows for business to target their audience more efficiently.  Businesses are learning that they can target their customers and interact with them through formats such as Facebook and Twitter.  There is a lot of people using these programs and using them a lot.  People spend hours on Facebook and Twitter daily thanks to the large increase of smart phones and tablets.  People tend to carry these devices everywhere.  Business campaigns are becoming very widespread and effective because of this fact.

Targeting Individuals

Even better for businesses, is that social media such as Facebook and Google can target your customers using information such as their location, hobbies, and even a person’s career.  Information about individuals is more available and effective than ever before.  This information is highly valuable for placing ads on social media and Google, so that your advertising is being displayed to people who are more likely to need your product or service.

There are Few Things Less Valuable than a Customer’s Feedback

There is the famous quote which says “the customer is always right”.  And this is true for many businesses.  And what better way to receive your customer’s opinion than social media.  Businesses have always strived to have customer feedback, through surveys and questionnaires inside of the store offering coupons as rewards.  Now you can do the same thing with social media, but instead of reminding them to do it on a receipt, you can go directly to their social media page.  By offering discounts for surveys on social media, people will likely see the coupons on their cell phones or tablets and participate in them.  Today, social media is becoming the most powerful tool for businesses to understand and target their customers.

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