Office Security: 5 Improvements to Make Your Business More Secure

Businesses often are of greater wealth than individuals, families, and other households. Further, almost all brick-and-mortar businesses have zero employees present for several consecutive hours on a daily basis; there’s no easier lick to hit than one with zero people present. While many businesses do, in fact, employ alarm systems, many others believe they won’t be victimized by crime because they’re located in neighborhoods with low crimes rates, have few expensive assets in store, and are otherwise unattractive to criminals.

Although no defense against crime is foolproof, here are five solid means of improvement to secure your business against both opportunistic and planned-out criminals.

Indicate the Presence of Alarm Systems

You’ve probably seen people stake ADT signs in their yards whether such alarm systems are present or not in the name of deterring burglars. Even though most people know about this “trick,” don’t be afraid to try it yourself. Signs are inexpensive and well worth the investment. Try to make them as noticeable as possible.

Invest in Loud, Bright Alarm Systems

Silent alarm systems may increase conviction rates in cases involving burglary, though criminals won’t be deterred from stealing from or vandalizing businesses unless they recognize sounds or lights from such alarm systems.

As such, make sure to improve existing burglar deterrent systems to include blinding lights that blink very quickly and near-deafening sounds. Not only will criminals be deterred from going through with their plans—they likely won’t physically be capable of doing so.

Use Multifactor Authentication

When Internet users access email accounts, for example, they input their email address to signal what account they want access to and then share their password to certify that they have access. However, many passwords are easy to guess, potentially resulting in identity theft of businesses’ employees’ and customers’ personal information.

Multifactor authentication refers to using an extra password—usually security questions—to decrease the likelihood of unauthorized users gaining access to them.

Upgrade Door Security

Never skimp on commercial door repair. Criminals will certainly look for weakened doors in trying to gain entry to your business. As more than half of all 2015 burglaries involved forcible entry, never underestimate the power of strong doors.

Maintenance Workers

Criminals often seek entry into businesses by simply donning fluorescent vests and hard hats. Make sure your workers know this. Also, only allow one day each month for scheduled repairs to take place so employees know not to fall for any tricks.

Crime has always been, is, and always will be a major issue of concern. Considering that businesses are targeted more frequently than households by criminals, don’t skimp on office security. Put these tips to work so your business doesn’t become a statistic.

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