Nuanced Networking- 5 Tips For Growing Your Business Through Office Referrals

Co-working spaces are booming at the moment as we see the growth of freelancing and flexible work arrangements. Mastering co-working spaces requires discipline, but when mastered can help you achieve high productivity whilst taking advantage of the cost-effective, social and professional benefits that the workspace provides. Servcorp are one of the market leaders when it comes to providing a high quality Coworking Space.

Here are 5 tips for growing your business through office referrals.

  1. Enjoy the benefits

Co-working spaces are flexible and a great opportunity to save costs whilst still accessing a full range of amenities. One of the best assets in your co-working space are your peers. Take your new workspace as an opportunity to meet with new professionals from fields you would otherwise have never had the chance to make contact with.

Networking is a great way to grow your business and further your own personal ambition. In a co-working space, once disconnected businesses have the ability to share not only workspace, but brainpower and even manpower. This collaboration is one of the main benefits of co-working and will truly transform the way you do business going forward.

  1. Zones

Most co-working spaces have different working zones for their tenants. It is important that you respect these zones as it shows that you are respecting your fellow worker. These zones can include silent areas, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and telephone areas.

Some of these zones, such as the collaborative spaces allow you to contact other tenants and bounce ideas off one another in a productive and beneficial way for both parties. This can help bring new ideas to your business whilst also giving you the chance to critically appraise other businesses.

  1. Focus

With a new environment comes many new distractions. The chance to speak to a new room of people can be appealing for those who enjoy socializing, but you have to remember that first and foremost your co-working space is still a workspace and it is also a workspace for others. Using headsets or playing background music can be helpful to ensure that you remain as focused on your task as possible.

  1. Collaboration

For small businesses, working in a co-working space has been found to increase team chemistry and cohesion enormously. Team members feel a greater sense of belonging in a shared workspace, as their managers are working amongst them in the same setting, abolishing the traditional hierarchical model which has existed in office workplaces for many years. The complex nature of modern business means that people must work together to create, share and manipulate information.

Some of the world’s largest companies such as Google, Microsoft and Twitter work out of chic workspaces that encourage collaborative and open flow of information.

According to research, workers spend nearly 80% of their day working alone or in pairs. People in pairs share information and ideas, work together to create new ideas and learn and support each other’s work. Co-working spaces enable you to gain all of the benefits of this collaborative model not only with your existing workforce, but through networking with and meeting new individuals who you would never have had the opportunity to otherwise meet.

  1. Inspirational

Co-working spaces are architectural and aesthetic masterpieces more often than not. The inspiration you will gain from working in a new and marvelous workspace will be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

If the setting isn’t enough, being surrounded by a room full of dedicated and determined professionals will surely drive you to want to get the best out of yourself and in turn, produce the best results for your business.

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