MyLife Refund Request and Auto Renewal Unsubscription From Customer Care Executive

My life ensures that every paid member should receive their services uninterruptedly. Facilities like auto renewal is to ensure that every member continue to enjoy the services. If any of the customer do wish to get MyLife Refund or want to disable the features of auto renew, or want to bring any changes in the account may attract the customer care executive. The executive is to clear the doubts and assist the customer in every possible way.

Disabling Auto Renewal Feature

On contacting the executive the feature of auto renewal may be disabled but to be precise on expiry of the contract, the customer would not be able to avail any of the facilities. At the end of the tenure, the membership is supposed to be withdrawn and all services which are active in the account are to be suspended.


For My Life Refund, a customer can contact the executives from 6 AM to 9 PM PST. A request can be made on any day of the week, from Monday to Friday, during the mentioned time. The staff members can be contacted on the same days from 6AM to 6PM.

On contacting the executives, verification needs to be done to prove the authenticity. Apart from cancellation of auto renewal, one can even opt to clear the data`s that will store about the account and the customer. The executives can be contacted at 888.704.1900.

Cancellation via PayPal

Customers have the option for auto debit from their PayPal accounts. If any of the customer has opted out of receiving the services should immediately contact PayPal customer care to stop payments. Even though had unsubscribed a customer from its list, it may happen that PayPal will still be transferring the amount until it gets instructions. PayPal can be contacted at 888-221-1161.

Click Unsubscribe Misconception

Clicking on the unsubscribe link in the notification mails would not let you unsubscribe from the system. The link at the mail is for un-subscription from the email list. Any requests concerned to My Life Refund or unsubscribe from the auto renewal features need to be done through proper channel. Changes in the accounts or stopping of services can be done only with the help of an agent. It is a common misconception of many to click the unsubscribe link in the mail and get themselves unsubscribe from the auto renewal features.

Benefits and Services

Members are given uninterrupted services round the clock. When the subscription ends it is automatically renewed so that the customer can continue to enjoy the privileges. If one does not want to continue and claim a My Life Refund, should contact the executive. Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions and the amount may vary depending on the usage of the account. The amount may be directly transferred to the PayPal account if things are found to be ok. Once the claim of refund is made, it is scrutinized. A successful refund is done only when the customer has no outstanding dues. To be remembered that a refund is always done under certain terms and conditions of the company. The policies can keep on changing from time to time without notice.

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