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While growing up, you encounter a lot of people in the neighborhood, at school, in church, at your sports club . . . name them. You form a lot of friendships everywhere you go and wish that the nice times you share with your friends can last forever. However as time goes by , everyone gets involved with finding their own path in life and some travel to other parts of the world in search of greener pastures. With time, you find it hard to keep in close contact with all your friends. Tracing people you have lost contact with can be tedious and even unproductive; as you may not know where to start your search or even have the slightest clue of where to find them.

All the same, technological advances have made life easier for us nowadays and with the massive unprecedented growth in online social networks, it is now very easy to keep in touch with your loved ones and trace them whenever you want to. A powerful social network is one that connects a lot of people in one place and that is what is known for. With millions of registered users exceeding the 60 million mark, this is the number one place to find people and be found.

Let Simplify Your Life

An average of 300 million MyLife profiles get viewed daily and as a registered member, you get to find out whenever a person searches for you or views your profile. You just need to complete your profile in a neat professional way and then watch as your social and work connections begin to develop. By connecting all your email accounts with all your social network profiles, allows you to manage and control all your updates and emails on one dashboard. This feature is completely off the hook and totally unheard of before. MyLife is that ideal social network that provides you with unique features like this and so much more. is surely America’s number one People Search service. How better can it feel than being a member of a wide network that can allow you to access local services, trace your former classmates, keep in touch with friends and family, get more work contacts, gain access to more jobs . . . This site is adorable!! You can even search for single people to hook up with and revitalize your life. To top it all, your privacy is highly respected and your messages and updates are stored in a confidential way. You save a lot of time that you would have used to log in to all your individual email accounts and social networks to check new messages and updates. In, you have it all in one place and this is your number one site that values convenience and simplifying processes for its members. You will be in full control of your personal information and easily manage how you communicate with others. Join MyLife today and Stay Connected.

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