Motorola CLS1410 To Stay In Touch With Other Family

Going on a family trip is probably the funniest and scariest thing for parents. You have to really be careful about where you bring kids and how you plan out your resources. Otherwise family trips could turn into major expenditures. There is also the whole issue of finding things that everyone wants to do and making sure that everyone is safe while going on big family trips.

One way to do that is with two way radios. There are some incredible two way radio devices out there nowadays. For example, the Motorola CLS1410 is one of the brand new two way models that has an incredible 200,000 square feet range and lots of channels. This is perfect for anyone heading out to a theme park or going to the beach that wants to stay in touch with other family members.

Kids absolutely love to play with two way radios. You can make a lot of road trip and camping trip games with two way radios. Most of all, they’re just cool to talk with, and it never gets old. Coverage area of two way radios does depend on the set itself. For higher coverage, you really need a good power radio that has a lot of frequencies. There are a lot of cheap two way radio sets out there as well.

The choice is yours depending on what you plan to use the radio for. In some cases, simple two way radios are a great start, but if you want to really communicate across large expanses and program your two way radio, you need a new set.

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