Motorbike Theft Insurance

Motorbike theft is becoming a huge problem and will continue to be. If a motorbike is stolen it is often never recovered. After the thieves strip the motorbike they move quickly to use these parts to build another bike.

There are multiple ways which can prevent your motorbike from being stolen. A very effective way is to keep the motorbike in a garage. Although this is not always possible it should be your first priority. A thief can be deterred by several security systems that can be installed on your motorbike. A secure solid lock attached to a large stationary object is often the most effective.

The above are great ways to secure your motorbike but you really should consider a comprehensive insurance policy. In most cases, the insurance company will replace the stolen motorbike or reimburse you at the current book value. We hope this never happens but at least your motorbike will be covered.

When looking into the motorbike insurance policy ensure you review the insurance company’s procedures in processing claims. Insurance companies always pay close attention to detail to lower the chance of making mistakes. You will recall that this is not pleasant if you’ve ever had to file a claim with a motorbike insurance company. It seems a never ending process and always want to know as much information as possible.

It’s outlined in the policy how they perform this procedure. Knowing what the motorbike insurance company requires will most definitely speed up the process. Often the claim takes longer because the information needed was not completed correctly or additional documents missing. Having the correct documents laid out from the start will avoid delays in processing the claim.

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