Mortgage Investors Corporation Joins Forces With Veterans Airlift Command

It is safe to say that a high percentage of American servicemen and women face various hardships after returning home from combat. For some, memories of traumatic events are etched into their minds, making it difficult to focus on anything else. This alone can make adjusting to life back home extremely stressful.  

In addition to the psychological challenges of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), many soldiers return with devastating physical injuries. Rather than looking forward to reuniting with friends and family, they may be transferred to a long-term medical facility far away from home.  Due to the expenses of airfare and accommodations, it can be extremely difficult for family members to visit often or for long periods of time. Unfortunately, this is when soldiers need their loved ones most.

Mortgage Investors Corp (MIC) wants to spread the word about a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans and families facing this exact situation.  Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) provides free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded soldiers along with their families for medical purposes, as well as other compassionate purposes.  They have a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots who generously donate their time to transport combat wounded servicemen and women as well as family members to and from medical facilities (and other locations).   

Mortgage Investors Corporation is one of the largest supporters of Veterans Airlift Command.  In fact, MIC’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Edwards is the Honorary Vice-Chair on the VAC Advisory board.  Among those are Honorary Chairman Senator Bob Dole, as well as Chairman, CEO and Founder Walt Fricke.

Bill Edwards’ passion for wounded soldiers and VAC is rooted in his own personal experience. During his service in Vietnam as a Marine, he was wounded and forced to spend two years in a long-term medical facility that was located far away from family and friends.  He was awarded the Purple Heart along with many other notable commendations.

In 2012, Mortgage Investors Corporation hosted a benefit for VAC called “Hero Flight 2012” in Treasure Island, FL.  This event generated over $525,000 in financial contributions; $250,000 of which was donated by MIC.  In addition to generous financial support, MIC’s Bill Edwards donated one of his planes to Veterans Airlift Command.

Mortgage Investors Corp, is a VA authorized direct lender headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Their sole mission is to help veterans with a current VA mortgage achieve a new low rate through an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). Though they cannot promise to help every single person, they will fight to help their customers obtain a new, low rate in the fastest and easiest way possible. MIC does not require income verification, proof of equity, a home inspection, or a pest inspection in order to apply for an IRRRL.  In addition, they are not a credit driven lender, so customers with a low credit score may qualify for the same, low rate as someone with perfect credit.

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