Mistakes Photographers Should Avoid Using WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for photographers to help their work get notice. WordPress is one of the best options for publishing photographs and supports a lot of plugins and themes for photographers which are quite a major advantage over other blogs.

If you depend on WordPress and use it as a photo publishing blog, here are a few tips to keep in mind and a few mistakes to avoid in order to get better viewership:

Re-think the Image File Names

Most people don’t realise the role images play in search engine optimization. Having file names such as “picture123.jpg”  might be easier to work with and store on your memory card but will not do much for the search engine which looks at keywords in the image tags as well. Having an image named instead as “cherry-blossoms-japan.jpg” will have a better chance of getting scouted as it gives the search engine an idea about what your picture is about when someone performs an image search. The chances of your image popping up are a lot higher. Also, it’s advisable to use hyphens instead of blank spaces as they too are not very SEO friendly.

Resize Images After Changing Your Theme

A common misconception among bloggers is that by changing and editing image sizes through the Media Setting Page will lead to images resizing themselves. Most of the times the image size stored on the Media Setting page is compatible for the theme previously installed and by changing the theme, you might have to change the size of images that have been uploaded. You can use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin that automatically resizes the images that have been uploaded by keeping in mind the theme you have currently installed. This is really quick and convenient but will make your theme all the more appealing.

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Generate Leads Better

Many a time professional photographers hope to get contracts and recognition through blogs which will allow them to get work for example, a person might specialise in wedding photography. In order to get contacted, it is essential for you to make it easier for people to email you or to contact you. You can write a short biography about yourself with a photo that will encourage people to get in touch with you. You can also make use of plugins to generate authentic leads that will result in better discovery of your work which is your end goal.

Uploading Original Photographs

Many a time photographers upload their original photos without resizing it for a particular theme. By doing this, the world now has access to your original photographs and digital negatives because everything on the internet is downloadable. This is why, it’s important to resize images before uploading them to your blog to keep the original with you!

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Make Sure your Website is Cached

A photography website can take a long time to load given the size of large images it has published on it. This might affect the traffic that comes to your website. In order to reduce to load time, make sure to make a cached version of your website which can lead a tremendous increase in the load time. You can use a plugin to improve and enhance the overall user experience with your photography blog. By caching the website, you can increase the load time as well as reduce the download time, hence make sure not to overlook this aspect.

Make use of these WordPress tips and avoid the common mistakes photographers tend to make and always gets the right amount of exposure and viewership by building and working on your blogs properly, keeping in mind the essential tricks!

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