Marketing Marvel: 4 Pieces Of Swag Your Company Needs

Swag is corporate slang used to describe free items companies give to others as an advertising/marketing memorabilia. It’s typically branded with the business’s name, corporate logo, and colors. In comparison with other advertising forms, such as commercials and interactive media, swag is like word-of-mouth advertising.

People receive swag from a business when it’s given in person, such as at a company event as a gift, or when a visitor goes to the company’s website or blog as “free stuff.”

Swag is Like Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The idea behind giving swag is to get the word out about a business. If the company gives away a branded t-shirt, like the products found at Absolute Screen Printing, and recipients wear the shirt in everyday life, that’s swag.

In addition, branded logo stickers that dress up laptops or useful and tasteful mugs tell others in contact with the recipient about your business. Here are four pieces of swag your company needs:

Swag Items Recipients Keep and Use

Cool T-Shirts. Most people believe it’s impossible to have too many cool t-shirts. If the business plans to give away a t-shirt with a memorable saying and/or design (and not just the company name and logo printed on it), event and meeting attendees will want one or more of the item.

If the t-shirt can be worn in different contexts, such as outside of the meeting or event, it’s more likely to get the word out about the business.

Memorable, Functional Umbrellas are also another great piece of swag for your company. Everyone needs an umbrella. Unexpected downpours and rain showers happen almost everywhere, and a great giveaway umbrella is something recipients will use over and over.

Consider the umbrella itself as a symbol of how the business is prepared to handle unforeseen events and situations, and give away a well-made umbrella. Don’t give people an item that will collapse in a light spring shower.

Most people want to own as many functional umbrellas as possible. A swag umbrella with the business’s logo will be used long after the company meeting or event ends.

Unique Items and/or the Swag Bag are more great ideas for your marketing department. Some companies give swag bags to attendees at an event, conference, or meeting. If the business gives people several fun and/or useful seasonal items in the swag bag, it’s likely that recipients will use them right away.

For instance, if the business has a summer event, the swag bag could contain printed flip flops, brightly colored sunglasses, golf shirts, and beach towels. It’s possible for attendees to use the items at the event and every day thereafter.

When recipients wear or use swag on a family trip or at the local park, other people around them are likely to ask about the company or where the owner received the item. That’s great cost-effective swag advertising.

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