Managing Your Marketing Message

Email marketing isn’t dead. Since the beginning of the Internet age, people have used email in order to spread information. Email marketing is akin to direct mail; the process is inexpensive and produces results when used efficiently. Companies struggling to convert their marketing tactics don’t realize the potential return on investment email marketing offers. How do you, as a small business owner, manage your message and win over customers?

What Platforms to Use

Email marketing platforms make or break a small business’s email campaigns. There are several factors leading to selecting the right platform to manage your email message. Cost is critical with any platform, as well as what the platform offers your business. If your business reaches out to more than 100,000 customers, you need to invest in a platform that supports your needs. Likewise, if you offer several classes of products with different target markets, you need support for extensive email segmentation. You’ll end up paying more for a robust platform than you would for a vanilla service, but the freedom and features will help your campaign achieve success you never could with a discount platform.

Construction of the Message

Constructing the right message motivates your customers to act. Incorporate words causing readers to act with a sense of urgency. Using words such as “now” and “today” entices readers to act on your request. Now’s not the time to offer an inspiring message. Design your email to eliminate distractions. Take away the flashy colors and disruptive designs.

Make bullet points and incorporate numbers when possible. Your customers search the Internet for specifics. Utilizing numbers and bullet points conveys a clear and concise message. Ask questions of your reader. Create compelling questions that grab the attention of your customer base.

Content is king. Regardless of your email marketing campaign, ineffective content distorts your message. Design takes your email only so far, but content drives the point home. The measurement of great content is the value it offers to the customer. Begin your message with a teaser, and then finish your message with the hard sell.

Call to Action

An effective call to action is the gateway to lead generation. Make your call to action clear, concise and transparent. The message addresses what you offer the customer in a manner invoking thoughtfulness and compassion. Create subject lines that make customers think. Customers must benefit from opening your email, so they won’t move them to the spam folder. Make the message personal, not cold and inhuman. Test your message to assure there’s a decent click through rate. An effective message does nothing if there’s no return on investment.

Convince the customer of what’s in it for them. Assertion and confidence is critical. Use language customers understand without undermining their intelligence. Remember to stay committed to the tone and style of your brand.

Email marketing is not just the old standby; when used correctly, an effective email marketing campaign allows you to focus on the needs of your customer, highlight your brand and increase your return on investment.

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