Managing Risk and Binary Options Trading

It is a well known fact that no matter how experienced you are in binary options trading, you cannot claim at any point of time that your investment is absolutely safe and that you will get the best returns always. As such most of the investors in similar trading options try to manage their risks in such a manner that will enable them to get the best returns and at the same time decreasing the risks associated with the same.

In this article, we will explore the different risk management strategies that you can avail when you try to trade binary options on your own. Alternatively, you can also seek the assistance of an option trading broker. There are names of many brokers that you will find in You can select one as per your requirement.

Coming back to the risk management strategies, if a particular strategy works very well for one trader, it may not work in the same manner for someone else. At the end of the day what matters is how much you are expecting from the trade and what are your objectives of options trading. This is because while few traders will use the proceeds they earn from the trading as their primary income, few others may treat it as their passive income.


This is one of the strategies that can reduce the risk of binary options trading to a great extent. Let us see what happens in this strategy. If you use 2 binary option contracts, you can increase the chances of decreasing the risks. One contract is put and the other contract is call. What you have to do is buy option trading ‘call’ for the asset that you are predicting the price for. If it is found that the direction of the trade is in the direction of the movement predicted by the trader, a ‘put’ option can be bought again by assigning a higher price to the underlying asset. In this way, the trader is hedging fully. By doing so, you develop a spread that is in between the put’s strike as well as the call’s strike and the trade ends “in the money”. As such your returns are double. But you need to seek advice of an experienced binary option broker if you are new to using the strategy.

Hedging Forex

You will come across many forex traders that also make use of options trading that acts as a cushion when they trade currency pairs. For instance, if a forex trader decides to trade the currency pair EUR/USD and he finds that the market is quite volatile, in order to safeguard his investment, he quickly buys a put option at the point of “breakout”. This is the point when forex traders usually exit from their trade. With the help of using the put option, the forex trader is in a better position to earn profits without having to bother about whether he is giving up the profits by quitting from the trade beforehand.

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