MacBook Laptops

The iMac have been brought by Apple and Apple took this to market again. But they are still covering the market like before. But the Apple is leader of it. MackBook is like the son of Apple MackBook family that born in first. And at first it was announced in 2006 in market. Fire wire 800 was the 1st model lacked and S video and ran with the help of Intel Core Duo processor. After in 2006 Cpu was upgraded and it gone to the Core 2 Duo there added mag safe power leads. And this is how the 13, 15 and 17 inches screen are the hiogh and the end models of Mac family. And that is of 2.53 GHz Intel r Core tm 2 Duo processor with minimum specs, a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 M graphics processors and 5400 RPM 250GB hard drive. After being the member of this family the MacBook is being as most lasted.

MacBook is featuring the same aluminum of uniboy and as designed as the pro. Weights is only 1.36 kg, the Air is 1.94 cm at thickest, it has a hard drive of solid space to save on space, it has no optical drive, it gives also a long time of battery life line that is near about 5 hours. The cheaper McBook is the little sibling of the family. It started to go with it’s own way from 2006. It proved that Apple’s the most popular laptop with the plastic body of 13.3 inches. It is still a powerful little laptop computer with it’s 250 GB 5400 – rpm hard drive, 2.26 GHz Intel r Core tm Duo and 2 GB ram. McBook laptops are very nice too see with it’s various kinds of models. This is to much useful to use at home and in the office. It can be carried in a brief case and a traveler who goes here and there to finish his duties and at the same he has to work a lot; he can use the mini size of this laptop what is very comfortable to bear. These are also very nice to play games. This laptop are a crossed all the world. The graphics screen and the sound quality is very good of this laptop and that can be goes on with a very high speed. So it can be a classic laptop for the real users. A hardcore gamer also can play the 3D and the games of high graphics with this laptop. It speed is too high that as a man of this generation how much speed are needed to a user, it will able to provide it. So, without feeling any kind of hesitation a man can buy this to get a good result and real pleasure of his busy life.

There are a number of models are available of Mcbook laptop in the market and some are given here. 2.4 GHz model and it’s price is Rs 72500. 2.66 GHz model and it’s price is 89500. Aluminum uniboy model. McBook 1.1. MacBook 2.1. MacBook 2.2.

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