MacBook Air with the New Intel Processors Shifts Gears

Even with high expectations for it we were not disappointed. Here is the new MacBook Air with intel processors. They consist of the dualcore Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, the I / O technology Thunderbolt, the backlit keyboard and Mac OS X Lion. Thanks to the Intel HD Graphics 3000 the graphics performance is up to two times faster than the previous generation.

MacBook Air is still available in models with screens from 11 and 13 inches and uses the solid aluminum unibody of the old MacBook Air. The height is 0.3 cm at its thinnest point and 1.7 cm at its maximum height. The 11” model weighs 1.06 kg and has a battery that lasts up to 5 hours, while the 13″ weighs 1.32 kilograms and provides up to 7 hours of battery life. As in previous models, the storage device is a flash drive which allows almost instantaneous activation of the notebook, a faster data access and significant energy savings.

As mentioned, MacBook Air includes a full size backlit keyboard with a sensor that automatically detects changes in ambient light and adjusts the brightness accordingly. The Multi Touch trackpad supports the new MultiTouch gestures of Lion, such as dynamic scrolling, the ability to tap or pinch with your fingers to zoom in on a web page or image and scrolling left or right to turn the page or switch between one full screen app to another.

The MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches may be ordered today at the Apple Store but will be available in the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers starting July 21. MacBook Air 11″1.6 GHz is available in two models. One with 2GB of memory and with 64GB of flash storage for 949 euro and one with 4GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage for 1.149 euro.

MacBook Air 13″1.7 GHz is available in two configurations. One with 4GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage for € 1.249 and one with 4GB of memory and 256GB of flash storage for 1.499 €. All prices include VAT and taxes. Customizations include BTO Core i7 1.8 GHz, additional flash storage, MacBook Air SuperDrive and Ethernet, USB Adapter.

Every new MacBook Air comes preinstalled with Mac OS X Lion and iLife apps.

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