Looking To Invest In New Forms Of Marketing? Here’s Your Quick Guide

Today, there are more ways of advertising than ever before. With the introduction of the Internet and other digital media, the way companies advertise is better than ever. Rather than simply sticking to old marketing methods, like billboards, banner printing and radio ads, the Internet makes it possible to advertise in more methods than ever. Try adding these new forms of marketing to your next campaign for added business success.



Video Advertisements

These videos are simply not commercials on TV. The modern video advertisement is done online. If you can create a shareable online video, your brand can quickly go viral and sales will skyrocket. You can also benefit from any advertising fees that you get from advertisements that display next to your video depending on the website you used to host the video. A funny, memorable video can instantly make your brand famous both online and offline.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is done through email. Customers sign up to receive newsletters or other information from your brand. Email marketing can be a simple as sending out information about new product offerings, or as complicated as creating articles with content related to your products or brand (for example, if you sell cheese, a newsletter with fun recipes that use cheese).

Inbound Marketing

While most traditional marketing is outbound (where you send out messages into the great beyond, like a billboard), inbound marketing makes customers want to come to you. You can do this by offering the solution to a customer’s needs. For example, if you sell rain boots, a customer might come to you if you write an article that has a title with something like “Top 5 Ways to Keep Dry in the Rain.” Usually, this is done through things like search engine optimization, which uses keywords to bring customers to your brand (keywords for rain boots might include: rain boots, waterproof boots, keeping feet dry, or cute rain boots).

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a wonderful way to connect with your customers. If you write helpful articles related to your brand, customers feel like you really care about them and are more willing to trust you as an authority on your product. Article marketing is a great way to get your brand name out there, especially if you write guest posts on other websites in addition to your own company’s blog.

Search Marketing

For a little money, you can pay to have your company listed in search marketing results. This is sometimes called SEM. Your business will receive the top spot on a search site, or appear in sidebar advertisements on related websites throughout the Internet. For many listings, you only have to pay per how many clicks you get on the advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a huge new way for brands to connect directly with customers. Most brands love social media marketing because it allows them to connect with customers for free. Rather than paying for expensive research studies, a brand can simply ask customers directly what they would like to see or what they would want to purchase. Some of the best places to connect with customers are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

No matter what new media advertising method you choose, it is still important to offer quality information to customers. You are building brand trust, not simply spamming your name to potential clients. Poor marketing practices will end up backfiring and make your brand less popular.  

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