Looking Great – How To Keep Your Office Looking Awesome

You want to feel inspired when you’re working. Getting the focus and discipline you need is great when you’re in a space you enjoy. And who doesn’t like enjoying a great looking office? A nice office makes a great impression on prospective clients, helps make your employees feel as if they’re working in a great place, and helps improve the overall morale of the office. Here are some ways to make your office a place you can’t wait to work in.

1. Paint your Walls

If you’d rather think in spaces with a little more color, go on and give your stark white walls some personality! It’s amazing how you can completely change a room with a few coats of paint on the walls. Go for lights and pastels that uplift your mood when you walk into the room. Soft neutrals work beautifully as well.

2. Welcome the Light

Instead of pushing your desk to the corner of the room, why not push it toward the gorgeous rays of sunshine? Open your windows and let in the sunbeams while you work. It’s an instant pick me up when you’re feeling the afternoon slump. Make sure your windows are clean, too. Window washing in Los Angeles can give your windows new life and help bring that light into your office. If you’re also feeling ambitious, you can consider remodeling your entire office in favor of putting in larger, more spacious windows that help light up your workspace better.

3. Put in some Lamps

Although it’s nice to work near the window, there will be times that you’ll need to turn up the light indoors on a dreary day or late night. Whether you get a standing lamp, a desk lamp or both to put in your room, make sure it adds some character to your place. Lamps are great accessories to play with when you’re deciding how to decorate your office.

4. Pull up a Chair

There will be times when you want to exchange your usual chair and desk for a comfy place to think. It’s nice to take a break from your normal working position and settle into a more relaxing part of the room. It’s a place to sip your coffee, stretch your legs and let your mind wander.

5. Add Plants to the Place

There’s just something about seeing pretty plants in the room that brings the place to life. Don’t feel like you have to upkeep a garden, but add some simple plants on a bookshelf, side table or desk that puts you in a great mood. Succulents are fairly easy to care for and add an interesting flair to the room. Really,  plants just help the place feel more inviting, welcoming, and relaxed. And isn’t that what you’d really like from your office to begin with?

Your office is where you spend a great deal of time thinking, working, collaborating, drafting, organizing and creating. Depending on what you do and what you like, your office should fit your needs. Set up a place you love that boosts your mood and your productivity!

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