Looking For Exposure? 5 Apps To Help Your Business Be Seen

Running a small business is difficult. You could dump thousands into developing great products and services. However, if no one comes to your store or website, it will all be for naught. Thankfully, there are apps that can help. Below is a list of five apps that can help your business be seen.

1. Twitter

The social media giant is available as an app for every mobile device. Twitter isn’t only for people posting useless updates on what they had for lunch. It can also be taken advantage of by businesses to promote their products and services. The tweets you create can also be shared with many other websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to increase your business’s exposure.


2. Location Medias

Foursquare is a great tool for local brick and mortar businesses. What it does is promote the existence of your business at its actual physical location. It can then be used by digital maps and GPS systems to guide customers to your location. Along with foursquare it is a great idea to set up a business account with Yelp. Make sure to offer helpful information about business hours and location. By being registered with these social medias, you will help your clientele, as well as secure new business.

3. Customer Reviews

Going off from location medias, these apps will generally offer customer reviews, which should not be forgotten about. Customer reviews are a great way to advertise your business. You can use these websites to obtain verified customer reviews that will help promote your business, and can be shared on social media and travel review apps. This can include reviews of Hertz and other car rental companies, to reviews of local restaurants, or reviews of tourist attractions and much more.

4. Instagram

Instagram is another popular social media platform with apps available for all mobile devices. Instagram is a bit different than other forms of social media. Instead, it uses a much more graphic based format. For this reason, Instagram is a great tool for publishing pictures of your newest products or even your store locations. To help your company seem more interactive and approachable, show your team, doing fun company activities, or volunteering as a company. This is a great way for the customers to see what happens behind the scenes and builds a relationship.

5. Groupon

Another app great for promoting businesses is Groupon. It combines elements of couponing and crowd sourcing to promote local businesses that offer products and services through temporary deals. Better yet, a certain number of people have to accept the offer before the deal is made. This assures a profit. Many of these deal takers may also end up becoming loyal customers.

Overall, mobile apps are at the forefront of cutting edge technology that is changing how people find and buy products and services. Taking advantage of mobile apps can help produce new customers for your business and make sure you aren’t left in the dust by your competition.

Image Source: www.OpenTell.com

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