London’s top finance jobs

London is one of the world’s most important finance centres, so jobs in the finance industry are plenty and varied. There is, of course, stiff competition but the potential rewards of a successful career in finance are inestimable. Among the top finance jobs in London you will find the following:

  1. Auditor. The role of auditors is to examine a company’s books and prepare detailed reports on the company’s financial health. Auditors must have a keen eye for detail and are usually experienced accountants. Auditors are employed by the company itself or for an auditing firm that businesses call in for an independent analysis of their accounts. There is a high demand for competent auditors and compensation is usually very good, reflecting the importance of the role.
  2. Financial analyst. A good degree in a financial discipline is normally a basic requirement for those seeking to become financial analysts. The role is essentially advisory and entails making analyses that will help a company make the right investment decisions. As such, the financial analyst holds a powerful position that can influence a company’s success or failure.
  3. Credit controller. This is an excellent entry position for the less well qualified. It basically involves the supervision of accounts receivable to ensure that creditors settle invoices in a timely fashion. The role also includes resolving debt issues and reporting to management of the possibility of debt problems
  4. Budget analyst. The role of budget analyst typically involves helping clients plan their annual budget by advising on the allocation of resources, where cuts should be made and how they should plan for their future financial security. Budget analysts normally require a finance-related tertiary qualification and to be excellent communicators.
  5. Personal financial adviser. With access to stock markets and other financial instruments easier than ever before, potential individual investors are faced with a dazzling array of opportunities that many do not fully understand. Personal financial advisers are there to assist individuals achieve their financial goals by explaining the different possibilities available and advising which are the most likely to reach the desired outcome. They need to be good communicators and have a detailed knowledge of tax laws, insurance and investment instruments.
  6. Private equity broker. Private equity is an investment in equity securities in companies that are not publicly traded on the stock exchange. The investor buys an interest in the company, which in turn acquires capital for growth or development. It is the broker’s job to raise these funds by locating investors. Brokers often deal with new or small businesses and therefore need the experience and skills to identify those that have the best prospects for success.
  7. Accountant. Many outsiders erroneously believe that accountancy is the dullest of jobs but, in reality, it is varied and interesting. True, accountants are responsible for checking financial accounts and balancing the books, but they can also find investigative roles and analytical roles relating to investment.
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