Live The Dream In Beautiful Costa Del Sol

Nerja is a remarkable prime tourist destination that’s conveniently located in southern Spain. The region is known as the Costa Del Sol. The area has over 100 miles of pristine, white sand beaches located smack dab along the tranquil Mediterranean. Nerja, which boast just over 20,000 residents, is a quiet coastal town that is extremely popular as a great place to visit or live. This town is located at the eastern end of the Costa Del Sol and is known historically for being a fishing village. Those who visit will be treated to local cuisine that makes excellent use of the skills of the local fishermen.

It Is Time To Live In Paradise

Nerja is an extremely peaceful place, that’s located just far enough from Malaga and Granada that it’s convenient, but not overly crowded. The shoreline is actually over 12 kilometres of sandy beaches. In the background are the beautiful Sierra Almijira Mountains. The two of Nerja is also quite eye-catching. There’s an Old Quarter, which retains the history of the area and is filled with winding streets that are quite narrow by today’s standards. The town has also been modernised quite a bit and is up to the standards that people are used to in EU countries. Ex-pats move here all the time, looking for the numerous dream properties that come up for sale. This includes spacious villas and luxury condos. There’s something for just about everyone in Nerja. Some people invest in the properties to collect rents from the many tourists who flood into the area.

Nerja Is Conveniently Located

There are several ways to get into Nerja. You can get there by bus, car, or even using a shuttle service. Most people fly into the airport in Malaga. There are plenty of options for all types of tourist budgets. Those who are looking to stay in Nerja for more than a few days can find apartments or condos. There are luxury accommodations for those who are looking to go all out. Whatever type of arrangement is needed, it can be made. Nerja is very hospitable to tourists. Those who buy properties in Nerja rely on this steady stream of tourists to generate rental income. The ecosystem has worked for years and is in no danger of changing anytime soon. Nerja is a perfect place for everyone, even investors. Retirees also flock to the area to live when their work careers come to an end. They have had enough of cold weather and are looking to enjoy their golden years in style.

There’s also plenty for everyone to do in Nerja. There’s a festive vibe that draws in visitors. Nerja has many cafes, restaurants, and open-air markets for tourists to visit. There’s a trolley that takes people around the town. Tourist can do some serious shopping and sightseeing comfortably in this manner. Talk about a laid back vibe. There’s no better way to experience all that Nerja has to offer than by going there and seeing for yourself why so many people love this place.

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