Lenovo IdeaCentre K330-11691AU

The Lenovo IdeaCentre K330-11691AU comes to the stores at a remarkably low price of $599.99. It’s a fast desktop with the functionality of a high-end general purpose beast. Alas, the K330-11691AU is indeed general purpose, making its performance all the more impressive in the eyes of users far and wide.

The K330-11691AU begins its row of pleasing the audience with its new look. Unlike a standard, flat and square desktop case, the front panel seems to dance a little bit. It’s a stylized front that combines a t-indent with black and silver brush-metal suave. For those users who cherish a good-looking desktop, the K330-11691AU won’t let them down.

From the immediate surprise of the look, users will calm down to notice that everything is where it should be. The optical drive is there, along with a number of USB 2.0 slots for easy access. There is also a multi-format card reader available right beside the USB ports.

Users have easy access to the innards of the K330-11691AU. All they have to do is unscrew that small corner hand screw to open the side panel. Inside, blue markings might seem flashy at first, but they do serve a purpose. The blue marks where expansion hardware can be attached to this stock machine. Already, users should be getting excited about this-but not too excited. Gamers shouldn’t expect great performance for high-resolution games, nor from 3D games.

However, there is a bay for an additional hard drive as well as an additional optical drive. There’s a graphics card slot, and three PCIex1slots. It is because of the 280W power source that the machine is unable to power a high-yield graphics card and thus a gamer is unable to feel the rush of 3D games. However, it is a large power supply for a desktop at this price.

Besides the power, the desktop boasts a whopping 1 terabyte of hard drive storage space. That’s enough to keep any family home set for years, unless dad’s a video editor. The 7,200rpm is a hefty speed, which makes multimedia programs easy and fast to use. The rpm comes from the Intel Core i3-2100 processor, whose two cores, through Hyperthreading actually yield a faculty that approaches the quality of a 4 core processor.

All the inputs are there as well, including 6 USB 2.0 ports in total, the mouse and keyboard inputs, audio inputs, Ethernet and that ever more necessary HDMI port. These pieces of hardware function in quaint harmony with a great performer, and despite not having a 3D graphics card, the stock one is sufficient for good low-requisite games.

All in all, the K330-11691AU is a solid desktop for general purposes, and will please users with its flawless performance in everything multimedia.

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