Leadership Skills Of Successful Managers

For a manager, high level of expertise in one’s field of work, experience, and academic qualifications do not always guarantee success in the workplace. Therefore, as a manager, you need to develop great leadership skills to distinguish yourself as a strong and fair leader. In fact, great leadership skills are one of the main factors that set successful managers apart from their unsuccessful peers. The first step is obviously to identify the leadership skills that you require to address the managerial challenges you encounter at work and then work towards developing those skills. Fortunately, you can learn a lot about the leadership skills you need by observing the leadership skills of other successful managers. The following are some of the top leadership skills that most successful managers possess.


This is one of the most valued qualities of a good leader and manager. Leaders who have integrity tend to earn the respect and trust of their subordinates more easily. This is mainly because such managers always stand up for what they believe in and encourage their junior staff members to honor their commitments even when there are numerous challenges or when the outcome of their work seems uncertain. Furthermore, managers who have integrity are strong leaders because they often keep their promises to clients, superiors and other colleagues.

Ability to Inspire Confidence

One of the greatest qualities of a good manager is the ability to inspire confidence in their business’s clients and employees. In order to do this, a leader should be confident in his/her own abilities in order to remain calm and controlled even in times of great uncertainty. Most successful managers also exude confidence by expressing optimism that their efforts will be successful. Leaders who exude confidence in their decisions they make encourage self-reliance and self-confidence in others.

Effective Communication

As a manager, you have to communicate constantly both verbally and in written form. If you want to become successful, ensure that you develop your communication skills in order to improve how you relate with other managers, your employees and clients. Most successful managers have the ability to ensure that they tailor the content of their communication in a manner that is easy to understand. This means that they develop different strategies of communicating with different people effectively.

To be an effective communicator, ensure that you use proper grammar and appropriate language in both written and oral communication. Even if you are merely sending an internal memo to a colleague, avoid colloquial language that may since it may indicate lack of seriousness. In addition to this, it is important to note that successful manger have great listening skills. No matter how senior you are in your organization, you need to spend more time listening to others and not merely giving orders. By listening keenly, you can learn more about what happens in your business and how to be a better manager.

Delegation Skills

In spite of how skilled or experienced a business manager is, he/she needs to learn to delegate tasks and authority to others in order to succeed. Successful managers have great delegation skills that enable them to break down major tasks into smaller tasks that they assign to different employees depending on the specific skills set, strengths and weaknesses of each employee. In order to delegate effectively, you also need to be able to give some of your employees the ability to complete their work autonomously and limit interdependence.

Ability to Motivate Others

Successful managers identify the key intrinsic motivating factors of their employees before they formulate employee motivation strategies. Avoid use fear to or money to motivate people. Focus, instead on factors such as competence, purpose and growth expectations of each employee.

Managers who possess integrity, confidence and can motivate, communicate and delegate effectively can achieve great personal and organizational success. If you do not posses any or all of these skills, you can learn, develop and perfect them over time.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he describes a few qualities of a successful manager and aims to encourage further study with a masters of science in leadership online.

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