Laws In Promoting A Business Through Social Media

When talking about legal matters, we have business and corporate laws to guide us. We are obliged to follow the law in order to show how responsible we are towards work as well as those who are affected by the law. On the other hand, there are also rules applied in Social Media in order to enhance and promote the business.
If you are into Social Media, here are the rules that you should strictly follow.


The main reason why people join social media networks is to be able to share their lives with friends and this same rule applies to the business world. With Social Media, you are not limited to what you can share. Aside from company information such as products and services, you can also post other contents that are client-oriented.


Social media is interactive and it is normal for online users to ask questions, make comments and even post some suggestions. When you receive any of these, be courteous enough to respond by providing the information they need or by acknowledging their comments. Most importantly, be prompt in replying because unnecessary delays are perceived negatively.


This is a potent principle for posting contents over social media. When responding to questions, comments or suggestions always do it courteously or in a manner that you would want to be treated personally. Ideally, you should use polite words such as thank you, please, sorry, kindly and any words that show respect.


When posting contents in Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter, observe the maximum character rule. Always write accordingly because most people get bored when reading very long descriptions. Be straightforward and make your content concise, clear and mature in nature.


When posting contents, make sure to double check to avoid duplicates. In addition, be organized and do it in a way that it will not saturate the readers. If you want to post long contents, do it in several parts or chapters. Most importantly, avoid plagiarism, so post only original contents.


It is always effective to post visual contents like images, videos and info graphics. In fact, these kinds of contents spread so fast and become viral. When using any of these, it is best to include the URL or link and observe the character limit rule.


Facebook may be the most popular social media site, but there are still a lot of social media sites available. Before using any of these, make sure to choose carefully and wisely. It is best to choose sites that have unique customer base.


Initially, social media is used for serious business relationships. However, this does not limit you from engaging in real conversations online. It would not hurt to respond to some tweets and comments with light topics as long as you are sincere.


Know your intentions for creating an account in any social media sites. Normally, there are two – to reach out to your customers in order to create customer base that will trust your brand, or just to become rich. Also, always be real and sincere in online conversations by using natural language and producing content that can solve your customer’s concerns and problems.


When promoting your brand, you must be active and constantly engaged with customers. Tweet about some updates, post some blog entries, and make some announcements on a regular basis. Online users spend a lot of time in social media sites, so it is best to catch their attention when you are consistent in performing information dissemination.


When maintaining social media sites, it is best to appoint a person to do the task regularly. This person should be able to do all the tasks related to social media and ensure that contents will be perceived in a single, positive tone by readers and customers.

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