Launching your E-Commerce Site with a Sale

Online business is a great way to reach customers from all around the country and even the world. If you are starting your online business and want to attract customers quickly, there are several ways to achieve this. If you have been studying SEO strategies, you will know what keywords, tags, and content optimization is needed. Another way to draw in customers is by starting off with a sale.

Benefits of Sales in SEO:

In search engine optimization, keywords and tags are essential. The more popular the words, the more popular your site will be in search results. One of the benefits of starting your e-commerce site with a sale is the additional and highly popular keywords you will be able to utilize. Words such as “discount”, “sale”, and “coupon” are among the top searched for words in Google. This is due to our economy and the need for consumers to shop smarter.

Utilizing Coupon Distribution Sites:

There are sites that specialize in distributing online coupons and discount codes. These are high ranking sites that allow other sites to post their deals for distribution to their followers. and are among these popular sites that have a following of thousands. Their members receive emailed alerts of new coupons and deals as they are uploaded into their network.

Another advantage is the instant indexing of these sites. As new deals are added to their sites, Google instantly re-indexes the sites to include your new coupon. This will allow instant search results for your deals instead of waiting for Google’s spiders to get to your site.


A Visit from Google Alert:

A service that is widely utilized by internet users is Google Alerts. With today’s emphasis on cutting costs and saving money, many users have set alerts for new deals and coupons. If your site is utilizing the keywords for these buzz words and you are including your discount on various coupon distributing sites, the chances of you have a chance at receiving traffic from Google Alert.

This service watches for the words users have specified and emails them once a new site or coupon has been indexed. This is a free bonus that you don’t have to sign up for or do anything at all with. It is simply free traffic for just including your sales.


Opportunity to Create Credibility:

Many online shoppers are leery of new websites offering deals. By having your site registered with trusted sites and referred to by Google Alerts, you will have a certain level of instant credibility with your visitors. As they purchase from your site, you will have the chance to work toward building an even stronger sense of credibility based on your customer service and ordering process. This is the chance for you to shine as a reliable e-commerce site.

Launching into the e-commerce community has its trials and tribulations. If you take the time to understand your SEO strategies, the options available to you and organizing your launch to get the most traffic in the shortest amount of time, your business will have a better chance for success. Take your time before launching and be sure you have your SEO plan in order and try including a start-up sale to bring in the bargain shoppers.

As a stay at home parent, UK resident Mary Blanchard understands the importance of making her dollars stretch. She frequents the coupon croc site to access web discounts to stay within budget.

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