Landlords: How To Get Your Flat Leased Fast

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There is a myth that every apartment or flat is easy to rent out. Some people presume that there are always interested people lined up ready to sign a lease for every unit. As landlords and building owners know, this isn’t true. It often takes an investment of time and money to draw renters when you need them. Of course, there are plenty of tips available to do that successfully. Here is a concise review of some of the most important tools for success.

Make It Look Nice Outside

When trying to get your place rented, looks really are everything. If it doesn’t look good, high-quality prospective tenants will just walk on by and rent somewhere else. The fact is, quality people want a quality place that looks great in every way.

There are some simple ways to accomplish that. For starters, look around the outside of the apartment building you own or manage. Does it need some new paint? Is there a gate that should be fixed? Used junk that needs to be hauled away? All of that should be taken care before prospective renters stop by to check it out. If it looks nice outside, they will take the next step and look at the inside of the apartment for rent. You will have cleared the first hurdle.

Make It Look Nice Inside

Some landlords will miss out on potential renters because they showed them an apartment that hadn’t been properly cleaned. No one wants to rent a messy place. If the last tenant left it that way, hire a cleaning crew and take the cost out of their deposit. In order to get new renters, it is critical to have the whole place spic and span from top to bottom.

Keep in mind too that anyone who stops by will try things out. As a landlord, you should test everything before they arrive. Make sure that faucets work, water heats up in a decent amount of time, and that door handles and locks operate smoothly.

Getting the Word Out

When you have the place looking great, you’re ready to get the word out to people who might want to rent it. When you do, cast a wide net. You may be used to putting an ad in the newspaper when you need renters, and that is a good start. Additionally, take advantage of popular advertising venues and related websites. Many people go to those sites first when they’re looking for a new place to rent.

Social media is another good option to pursue. With sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can take advantage of free options, like sending out a tweet about the rental you have available or posting the details to your Facebook Page. The Marketplace on Facebook is also a great way to post free ads that will be seen by people in your area.

Of course, it is a good idea to post physical ads as well if you want to draw renters fast. You can put them up at the local college and at other places where potential renters gather. Many colleges will also have their own website for job and rental ads, and those are popular with students too. Commercial sites like are another valuable resource when you want to get your place rented out quickly.

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