Keeping Security in Place During a Business Move

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your clients to keep their personal information secure. Finding the right moving company can cut down on the time that spent on your corporate relocation while cutting down on security risks, but there are some added steps you can take to safely, and securely, move your business.

Monitor the Movers

While you will do your due diligence to weed through all of the moving companies at your disposal and find the best one, you still need to monitor the movers on moving day. Assign some of your staff to keep an eye on each stage of the moving process. You want them to watch for an improper handling of technology and sensitive documents.

If you have your eyes on each box as it makes its way to the moving truck and into your new location, there is far less risk of losing something or facing a security breech. Also, if you have employees stationed to watch the movers, they will be able to watch for unauthorized individuals on the premises.

Dealing with Documents

Paper documents take up a tremendous amount of space for many businesses. Even with the rise of electronic documentation, there is still a large amount of paperwork, much of it sensitive, which must get stored. However some documents are no longer needed and moving time is a good opportunity to go through and shred unneeded files.

Assign each employee the task of sorting through his or her own documents. Provide them with a place to toss disposable documents, and then arrange for them to be securely shredded and disposed of before the move. This will limit the risk that someone will see these secure documents, while also cutting down on the amount you have to physically move.

Pack Securely

Security tape can show you if a box was tampered with during the move. If you decide not to invest in security tape, consider having the person who is physically moving the boxes write his or her name on the tape. If it has been cut and resealed, you will know. Similarly, put evidence-sealing tape over the drawers of filing cabinets that contain sensitive documents.

Send sensitive Files to the Cloud

Cloud computing gives you a way to protect sensitive electronic data, even if the computers and other equipment end up getting damaged during the move. Cloud technology is secure, and if you choose the right provider you will have access to your data as soon as you have access to an Internet connection.

Security breaches can happen, and it’s not uncommon for them to occur during a vulnerable time like a corporate move. You have an obligation to protect this sensitive data from prying eyes. By using some common sense packing strategies, keeping an eye on the movers and embracing technological innovations, you can move without sacrificing your customer’s security.

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