Keep Your Kids Entertained In A Party: Using Simple Balloon Games

Kids need to be entertained at a party. They have a short attention span and they get bored easily. So, when you are throwing a party for your kid, keep in mind to make some provisions for entertaining the kids present. When bored, kids, unlike adults won’t hide it and will pill long faces, which is a heartbreaking sight for anyone to see. In order to prevent this from happening, make arrangements so that kids stay entertained throughout the party.Kids love balloons and go crazy over them. They are cheap affordable and very easy to find. You can have balloon centric entertainment at your kid’s party. You can hire Balloon modelers as a party entertainer. In Australia, there are many professional Balloon twisters in Melbourne. Another way to entertain kids with balloons, in a party, is to arrange and play balloon party games. There are numerous party games involving balloons so you won’t be out of choice even if kids get bored with or don’t like a particular game.

Balloon Balance

Give a balloon to every kid in the party and see for how long they can balance it in their finger without it falling to the ground or losing contact with the hand. The kid who can balance it the longest wins. You can make the game more interesting by making it an obstacle course balloon balance. Make the kid balance the balloon on a thin paper plate and add cushions as obstacles in the field. If a balloon rolls over the plate during the course, the kids have to start over again. Whoever completes the obstacle fastest while balancing the balloon, wins.

Balloon Pop

Assemble thirty to forty balloons in the middle of the play area. Have the kids go at it and pop the balloon by sitting on them, without using their hands. Make sure that kid collects the popped balloon immediately afterwards. After no balloon is left, count the number of each kid’s popped balloons and whoever has the most, wins.

Pass The Balloon

It’s a very simple game .In this game; players have to pass the balloon to one another without touching them with their hands. They can use their elbows and face to pass the balloon, but no hands.

Balloon Santa

Divide the kids into two groups. Designate one kid from each group as Santa and dress them in oversized cloths like sweatshirts or overcoats. Now the kids from each group have to blow up the balloons and stuff them in their Santa’s clothing. At the end, the team who’s Santa has the most number of balloons in their clothing wins.

Don’t Let It Touch The Ground

Designate a course with start and finish line. With the ‘get, set, go’, the kid must hit the balloon and keep it off the ground, and keep hitting the balloon to the finish line. During the course, the balloon must not touch the ground and holding the balloon is not allowed. If a balloon touches the ground, then the kid must start again. The kid, who completes the course fastest, wins the game.

Balloon Tennis

Use the balloons as the ball and plates attached to paper rulers as the racquet. Now mark a line as the net and have kids hit the balloon over the center line to the opponent’s court to score.

Funnel Catch

Give each kid a balloon and a funnel .Kids will have to toss the balloon in the air and try to catch the balloon in their funnel. It’s not a competitive game.

There many other games that can be played with balloons. You can also hire professional Balloon modelers or Balloon twisters from Melbourne, as your kid’s party entertainer.

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