IXL NEO Bathroom Heating Lamps

What are Bathroom heat lamps?
IXL NEO Bathroom heat lamps are basically fluorescent light fittings made with the primary purpose of providing focused instant warmth as well as illumination. They can be used majorly in bathrooms and showers, which are certainly the coldest areas in the house, especially during the cold winter months. Some years back, the thought of getting a warm feeling immediately after your shower or bath, was just a fantasy. With advancements in the design of modern bathroom heat lamps, everything has changed but for the better. Some of these lamps will not only make your bathroom comfortable, but would also extract a high level of moisture and steam in small time.
The best part about having IXL NEO bathroom heat lamps is that they give you an amazing experience by rendering radiant warmth as you get out of your shower or bath. However, it’s advisable not to run them for a longer time. Another benefit associated with this kind of heating is that its effects are instant.
Where is the best part to fix your bathroom heat lamps? Well, it can be fixed on the ceiling, just above the exact area where you step out from the shower or bath and not where cloths or towels are hung, since the heat generated from the lamp can burn them. Similarly, the same precaution should be observed with regards to the skin. The warmth produced by bathroom heaters is very nice but may rapidly get intense and uncomfortable in a manner that can defy its original purpose.
Small children should not be exposed to the lamp at all. On the same note, prolonged exposure to the heat generated by the heat lamps can also damage your eyes.
Features of IXL NEO
Although there are a wide variety of bathroom heat lamps on the market, IXL NEO lamps offer the best balance between warmth and excessive amount of heat. They can also deliver tremendously balanced lighting for applying even a makeup.
You may also find bathroom heat lamps with varying strengths. You can invest in products with 2-4 heat lamps with all of them extracting moist air. Some of these lamps have double heat settings to select as well as automatic fans, which turn on promptly when the lamp detects steam in the bathroom, to remove steam and stale air.
Style is also important and there are models within the IXL NEO range that not only warm you up, but make your bathroom look more attractive and appealing as well.
You may be one of those people who tend to develop cold feet in having a shower or bath during winter, simply because you fear that when you part with the comfort of your warm water, you will freeze! However, the IXL NEO bathroom heat lamp can turn a cold and dark place into a glittering, warm and well-ventilated ambiance.
Anytime you get fed up with your cold damp bathroom, look no further than the IXL NEO heat lamps. These models come in a wide variety of designs and sizes that will definitely match your style.

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