Investing In Golfing Real Estate In Dubai

Since the liberalization of property laws in Dubai in 2006, the real estate industry has enjoyed a period of significant and sustained growth. Investors are now choosing Dubai for more than just its commercial reputation. The growth of tourism, and of the golfing industry in particular has been a boon for real estate developers, who have been building luxury homes around some of the world’s most spectacular golf courses. Naturally, these can be among the most expensive properties in the emirate.

Golf is big business in Dubai, and there is a great range of spectacular courses. With tour events being held on these same courses, it is little wonder that the properties surrounding them are in high demand.

Some of Dubai’s most expensive residential real estate lies on the fringes of its golf resorts. The Montgomerie, for example, is one of the emirate’s most exclusive resorts, combining world-class golfing facilities with exceptional property developments. If these properties are a little rich for your budget, there is still hope for securing a valuable alternative. There are new developments happening on a consistent basis across Dubai.

Having already established itself as the place to go for globetrotting golf fans, investing in a property on the fringes of one of Dubai’s up and coming golf resorts can be a sound alternative. Don’t be afraid to check out new developments, or off-plan real estate opportunities. These can often provide you with a discounted price against the real estate you are buying, leaving more room for a return on your investment.

If you are going to buy a home at a Dubai real estate golf resort, whether for your own use or as an investment, it is firstly wise to book yourself at least one round of golf there. An attractive looking golf course isn’t necessarily the best choice in every instance. You need to make sure that you are investing in property around a golf course that is already, or is likely to become, a popular choice for golfing fans. This will ensure the value of your real estate investment into the future.

Location is everything when you are buying real estate. The same is true when you are buying golfing properties, and the location of the course can hold significant sway over the value of the real estate concerned. Think about whether you are looking for a property in old Dubai – the Bur Dubai area – or alternatively Deira. Look at the surrounding property values to get a better idea of the desirability and average price of real estate in that area.

Investing in real estate in Dubai over the last decade or so has been lucrative for many real estate investors. The future looks bright, as the growth in construction continues to develop throughout the emirate. For golfing fans, Dubai represents the ideal place to buy a property, either as a home or a vacation retreat. This makes these investment opportunities more financially rewarding for the investors involved.

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