Investing in Comfort: 4 Splurge-Worthy Purchases to Keep Employees Happy

The employee is the base of all business. They turn the wheels that move any and all companies forward. It could be one person who owns his or her own business, or a multinational corporation employing tens of thousands of people. HR professionals, regardless of company size, are as much of a human resource to the employee as the employee is a human resource to the company. Here are at least four ways in which any HR member can help keep their employees happy.

Engage Them and Reciprocate

Making sure employees know the rules and what’s expected of them helps to keep them on track to achieve goals. Equally important is the need to assess what they need from you. Engagement is a two-way street. You can’t run a successful HR department that demands the world of its employees while giving little to nothing in return. Computer-based questionnaires and surveys are a cost-effective way to solicit workers’ suggestions and complaints. They help reassure people that every detail gets processed and implemented quickly and efficiently.

Keep Them Safe and Comfortable

The less employees have to fear for their safety or comfort, the more they can focus on doing business. Personal protective equipment (gloves, industrial eyewear, hard hats, etc.) and safe production equipment are only the beginning of any serious safety protocol.

It’s important that you monitor temperature control and make environments as comfortable as reasonably possible. Working for long stretches in extreme elements can quickly erode a person’s ability to function, let alone complete the tasks asked of them by their supervisors. Going above and beyond to ensure the welfare of your people is paramount to boosting morale and productivity. If you work in a building, look into HVAC system upgrades and roof coatings to ensure all your employees are comfy in every season while cutting down on utility costs.

Include Them in Big Decisions

An employee feels valued when they believe their work and their ideas are being taken seriously. Increase that satisfaction by including them in big decision-making endeavors. Company logo and/or name change contests are a great way to solicit ideas. Some businesses go a step further and offer their employees actual ownership stakes in the business. This increased responsibility encourages them to voice their concerns and ideas about the direction of their business.

Prioritize Their Work-Life Balance

Employees are people. They have to maintain their own physical, mental, and spiritual health, as well as the same of their loved ones. Crafting an attendance policy that balances the importance of an employee’s responsibilities outside of work with the importance of consistent work attendance can help alleviate high absenteeism and tardiness. A monetary bonus or a pay increase can convey immediate appreciation. Flexible work schedules, paid time off, and responsive health coverage can also help increase worker satisfaction.

Happy employees are the foundation of almost every successful company. When they are content, they focus more on their work, and that translates into better business. Emphasizing the “human” in human resource activities boosts company loyalty and its bottom line. A little extra effort can go a long way.

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