Inventory Savant: How To Deliver Your Products Quickly

Business owners must never underestimate the importance of delivery. Creating a high-quality product tends to take the focus. Providing a smooth, on-time delivery too often comes as an afterthought.

To ensure customer satisfaction, businesses must have a stellar plan for deliveries. It is crucial to devise a written delivery process and train employees on how to follow it.

Implementing a Delivery System

The first step is planning, a task that must be done long before the pressure of an upcoming delivery date threatens distractions from the important task of creating a delivery protocol.

During the planning phase, think through every step of the order, from start through delivery, advises Robert J. Hall, President of Track Your Truck. Hall also advises creating checklists for employees and training them on the procedures. Also, carefully analyze any transition points. If coordination fails, this could cause a late delivery.

Incorporate Technology

When it comes to deliveries, technology provides huge advantages. Employ GPS tracking systems to help drivers find the best routes and to keep abreast of the delivery’s estimated time of arrival. If problems on the road—such as accidents or weather conditions—cause bottlenecks, you can try to bypass them or at least know in advance if there are unavoidable delays.

Addressing software is also an asset. It not only saves time, but it also makes certain that the right product arrives at the right location. It should always be part of the delivery procedures.

Make Communication a Priority

By using email, phone, and texting, customers can be kept up-to-date on the status of their deliveries. Informing customers of the estimated time of deliveries, when their order ships, and when it arrives if they are not there to receive it all increases an organization’s level of professionalism.

Have the Right Equipment

Organizing your warehouse is crucial to efficient product delivery. Not only do you need a robust inventory scheme with RFID labels, but you also need the equipment to move your products around your warehouse. Depending the size of your products, you may need forklifts and overhead cranes from places like American Equipment Inc. Take great care whenever operating heavy machinery and keep all your equipment maintained to prevent costly downtime.

Whether delivering a giant crane or a dozen flowers, your customers need to know that their orders will arrive on time and in great condition. It is as fundamental to business as a quality product.

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