Internet Marketing Using Instagram!

This tool allows you to take pictures, to affix a filter and post the (Android & iOS) sharing platform via smartphone. Instagram allows people to share photos of events in which they participate and to benefit their friends, friends of friends and in fact everyone!

Why Conduct a Campaign Instagram Interesting?

Instagram is more than 100 million users worldwide. To be more precise, it is 100 million smartphone owners who use it! According to this infographic, 25% of the community often sharing photos.

So why is this Interesting?

The majority of insta-users are either lambda people either people. In my view, the percentage of brands using Instagram in their campaigns (see Aldo) is still there, Photos with Instagram, it is possible to encourage the involvement of mobile users via comments, add a link for net linking to improve its site and improve the virality of a campaign by sharing via Facebook and Twitter. This redirection allows considering Instagram as an accelerator of heavy traffic!

Therefore, the speaking marks must be done as it was done with Facebook.

Will we soon pictures “sponsored”? Thus, a logo, a product or an image from a TV campaign appearing in the “feed peaks” seems quite logical and quite feasible. As Confucius said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This platform will be able to improve the development of brand awareness and build an attitude towards it. However, brands are starting to wake up at social networks as in following ratio:

– 56% of brands have created an Instagram account

– 49% of them have an active account and posting pictures

– 34% of the brands posting more than one photo per week -> which means that 22% of brands have not yet assimilated the Instagram potential and created an account “because it had to.” We find this trend on Facebook even if it tends to disappear…

– 8% of brands have more than 100,000 followers

With potential virality (sharing on social networks) in 60% and 93% in Twitter Facebook (!), Instagram is a great tool to spread a message or build awareness of a product / brand. Grow your business, buy instagram followers and spread it. The commitment is shared by 210 Facebook Photo rate (opening of the photo, like, how, share) and 26 tweets per photo in Twitter.

To keep in Mind for Mobile Campaigns!

[SHIFT] Instagram announced its launch on the web! Thus, with a proliferation of media, the number of users will be able to further increase (even if the majority of users were already insta-smartphone owners) and marks can improve their web campaigns by a set of cross-platform tools like computer, tablet and smartphone.

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