International Business Opportunities

Thinking about getting your degree as an International Business Major? Or do you already have your International Business Major degree? If so, the information below will help you to decide if you would like to have a career that falls within the following suggestions.

Non-Profit Business:

With your International Business degree you can choose to start a non-profit business in another country outside of the United States.  You could start a non-profit business in a country that has little resources, such as food, clean water, and medicine.

With the knowledge you will have from your degree you will be capable of handling the marketing, finances, donations and promotion. You could also choose to work for an international non-profit organization or business. Countries that are in need of your help, where children and families are homeless, starving, and have no clothing would highly appreciate the wonderful work you would be doing for them.

You could choose to make bracelets, hats, purses, or any other clothing or accessory and have all, or the majority of the proceeds go toward helping the countries in need. The proceeds could go toward feeding, clothing, and housing for the families and individuals.


Another career option would be accounting for international businesses. Every business, even non-profit organizations, need accountants to handle their finances and donations. You would be monitoring the money coming in and out of the business.

It would be your responsibility to handle financial records for the company and the company’s clients, as well as helping consumers and the corporation with their budgeting plans. You would also need to prepare, explain, and verify that all consumer and company paperwork has been filled out and filed properly. Along with all of these responsibilities, you will also be helping any company investors with their investment plans.


Marketing is a large part of every business, corporation, and even non-profit organizations because if you don’t market their name, information, and what they do, they won’t have a greater chance of gaining new clients.

On television there are always commercials about making donations to non-profit organizations to help feed and clothe children. Marketing is essential to the success of a business.

With a degree in International Business, you can choose a career in marketing for an international business. Your responsibilities would be planning, developing, and implementing creative and innovative marketing strategies that will raise awareness for the company. This can be television commercials, flyers, advertisements in the mail, magazines, and in the newspaper and especially the internet.

Operations Management:

Operations management is a career field in which the operations manager handles and oversees all operations of the organization or business. They ensure that every operation runs smoothly and provides the instructions needed for the good and services to be provided properly.

An operations manager has several roles and responsibilities, being involved in logistics management, budget management, operational and organizational strategies, support services management, and third party relations.

The above are all international business opportunities that you could choose from if you are interested in receiving your degree as an International Business Major. These are only a few suggestions; you could also choose to work within the government or any other international business. However, if you have the desire and the resources you could choose to open and own any international business you wish.

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