Instant Gratification: A Modern Business Model for the Smartphone Age

Customers don’t want to wait to receive products and services anymore. They want everything right now. Unfortunately, that requires some retooling and innovation regarding how products and services are delivered. While many businesses struggle to adapt to market demands, some have adapted just fine. Take, for example. The company sells a unique assortment of “experience days.” Want to train to be part of a SWAT team? Want to hunt vampires? Want to take down zombies and save the world? How about a helicopter ride you’ll never forget? That’s what Wish offers. Now it offers it with one more perk: instant gratification.


Why make your customers wait to get their services. e-vouchers allow users to print out a “ticket” and redeem services whenever they want. Companies like Groupon and Living Social have been doing this for years. now offers it as another option to take delivery of your unique experience day.

For services, it makes perfect sense. Services aren’t tangible. They don’t need fancy packaging. All they need is some simple delivery route. What’s simpler than email?

Payment Systems and Shopping Carts

Wish has partnered with PayPal and SagePay to give users a choice as to how they pay for services. The company has also set up a shopping platform using Magento – one of the most popular and well-known e-commerce solutions in the world.

PayPal is one of the most well-recognized payment gateways in the world, and SagePay is a very popular payment gateway in the UK. Combined, Wish provides an easy way for customers to pay. It’s seamless. You hardly know there are three systems at work here.

Many businesses only use one system. If that one system fails, they’re out of business. By layering payment systems and e-commerce solutions, the odds of your company experiencing a catastrophic failure due to the inability to take payments is slim to none.

Social Media Integration has deep integration with Facebook, allowing users to post comments and give feedback right on product pages. Some companies have caught onto this tactic and have started similar integration. It’s subtle, but this type of integration can increase engagement 10-fold, especially on an e-commerce site.

Most users don’t have the opportunity to see what others are saying about a product before buying it. Often, they’re left relying on reviews that may or may not be paid. With social media, it’s harder to fake reviews. It’s easy to click on the user’s name, see their Facebook profile and verify they are a real person and not just a cypher account.

Businesses that employ this kind of integration will only build user trust and increase sales.

Live Chat

Wish has partnered with Olark to provide live chat for customers. While live chat isn’t new, the way that Olark implements live chat makes the process very intuitive and user-friendly. It’s a small company of just 16 people, but it provides companies with a way to connect with customers in real-time.

Click a small box in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and a representative will be talking with you in a few seconds – it’s the kind of customer service every company wishes they had.

Jack Harding is a new business researcher. He enjoys sharing his research on various upstart websites and blogs.

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