Increasing Employee Retention and Workplace Productivity: Out-of-the-Box Team-Building Techniques

Although the financial crisis of 2008 seems to be in our rear view mirror, it’s important to note that companies all over the world are still struggling with its effects, consequences, and reverberations. If you had any doubts about the seriousness of employee retention in today’s day and age, just take a look at some of these facts and figures:

  • The average job tenure for all people between the ages of 25-34 is less than three years.
  • Recent college graduates leave their current jobs after just 16 months.
  • The staff turnover rate for the last 12 months is at a staggering 16%, which isn’t much lower than 2008’s rate of 18.5%.
  • On average, hiring a new employee costs two times more than the employee’s annual salary.
  • Companies spend upwards of £2,500 per hire on recruiting expenditures to fill open positions.

It’s Time to Effect Change

As you might imagine by now, retaining your employees is just as important as maintaining your bottom line or increasing your scope of influence because, after all, your workforce represents the lifeblood of your business regardless of your specific sector, niche, or industry. But it’s worth noting that antiquated forms of team building such as onsite workshops or unity exercises are very tedious and largely ineffectual because they tend to be unimaginative, uninspired, and fairly mundane. Simply stated, the 21st century calls for something a bit more robust and refreshing.

Thus, if you’d like to encourage creative thinking, inventive problem-solving, better communication, and a genuine sense of harmony throughout your workplace, it’s time to get your team away from office politics and fluorescent lights by partnering with a reputable event management company such as Simply The Best Events.

Constructive Fun in an Inclusive Environment

By removing the pressures that stem from a hierarchal workplace, you’ll give your team a chance to break down interpersonal barriers in a neutral “let your hair down” type of setting. From innovative circus workshops and cocktail-making games to quiz nights, pub game Olympics, and even tug-of-war exercises, everyone will be able to decompress, have fun, share stories, and work together while subconsciously becoming closer as a unit.

By working with a dedicated event management company just once per year, you’ll be able to reinforce effective conflict resolution techniques, streamlined forms of communication, and cross-departmental cooperation without having to use mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations or monotonous lectures, which are the scourges of productivity and efficiency.

Professional Team Building without Breaking the Bank

Best of all, these event management firms understand that you have a strict budget to maintain and liabilities to look out for, which is why they offer the following features within each team-building package:

  • A dedicated event manager
  • A full team of instructors and facilitators
  • Comprehensive pre-event planning consultations to ensure a cost-effective final bill
  • Team kits, equipment, and gear for every activity
  • £10 million public liability
  • Transport and kilometreallotments

If you’ve recently hired a fresh batch of employees or if you simply wish to effect a more productive and inclusive aura around the workplace, it’s in your best interests to plan an event for your team while the summer is still in full bloom.

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