Increase Your Conversion Rate With Live Customer Service

If you have been looking for an excellent cost effective method by which to spice up your company website, you might want to consider adding a live customer service option. This is an excellent way for customers to ask all of the questions that they need answers to, directly to a live customer service representative who can not only help with them with their inquiries but also subtly encourage them to make the full conversion to a sale.

Converting A Browsing Customer Into A Chatting And Paying Customer

Customers who make use of the live chat services that you offer on your website tend to ultimately purchase goods from your business at a far higher rate than those who simply browse the site without asking any serious technical questions. In fact, the evidence shows that customers who use the live chat option tend to convert at a rate of nearly three times higher than those who ask no questions.

Live Customer Service Shows A Commitment To Your Public

So it should be immediately obvious from these statistics that adding a live customer service chat option to your website is a money making idea that you should seriously consider adopting today. This is an extremely important phenomenon that your business should immediately consider becoming a part of. Live interactive customer services give potential buyers the feeling that your business is intimately involved in satisfying their needs on a personal and individual level.

Create An Intimate Relationship With Your Customer Base

Creating an intimate relationship with your customer base is an excellent way for your business to build up trust, confidence, and good faith. Hosting a live customer service feature on your company website will create an atmosphere of trust and accountability. If a customer feels that they can contact your company with any questions that they may have, and speak directly with a live representative, they will be far more likely to do business with you.

Timeliness Is The Hallmark Of Excellent Customer Service

Imagine the contrast between a business that offers this option, versus a business that compels potential customers to use the conventional “Ask By Email” option. A customer may wait 24 or 48 hours for a one sentence reply, by which time they may well have lost interest in purchasing that particular good or service, or simply moved on to another site and bought from them. Timeliness is the hallmark of excellent customer service.

Set Up Your Live Customer Chat Today

Setting up a live customer chat option on your site is a cost effective addition to your site, and one that comes highly recommended by experts in the industry. Customers who feel intimately connected with a company that is truly interactive and responsive to their questions and concerns are far more likely to become regular buyers from that business. In a day and age where businesses are desperately competing for attention from the public, this is one sure fire method you can adopt to stand out from the crowd.

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