Important Aspects To Consider Before Taking Bar Insurance In Houston, Texas

If you are in the Bar and Restaurant business, the environment is susceptible to many physical and psychological threats and risks for your employees, your properties, and your customers. Despite all safety measures, the accident may occur, causing injuries and serious hazards due to fire.

Bar, pub, restaurants with liquor, wineries have to obtain a liquor license. Therefore, you are to comply with certain statutory requirements and obtain a specialized bar insurance to protect yourself. The following are the important aspects to consider before taking a bar insurance.

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance : This policy covers risks of liability arising out of third-party claims for physical injuries, damages caused by properties and advertising injuries such as copyright infringement and libel. For example, in the event, someone slips and gets injured in your establishment or an employee damages the car of a customer, this insurance policy will enable you to pay part of the medical cost of the injured or to repair cost of the car.
  1. Commercial Property Insurance : This policy will protect you financially in case your tangible business properties are destroyed or damaged due to unforeseen eventualities such as theft, fire, civil disturbances such as riots, terrorist attacks, and vandalism. The items covered are furniture and fixture, inventory of food and beverages, equipment and even landscaping.
  1. Liquor Liability Insurance : After consuming alcohol, a customer may bring about some unexpected eventuality that may cause financial loss or physical damage to your establishment or someone else. He might commit a crime like assaulting someone or getting involved in a car accident and damage the property of others. If you have taken up this policy, you will be compensated for the cost of litigation and repairing other people’s properties. 

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance : You may be deploying vehicles for delivering food and beverages and for transportation of band parties to your nightclubs. If such vehicles get damaged by colliding with other vehicles, thefts, fire riots or vandalism, you will be compensated by the Insurance companies.
  1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance : This policy will cover medical and other costs related to illness and injuries caused to your employees while they were on your job. The insurance company will reimburse the medical rehabilitation bills, loss of wages due to their absence on jobs. In case of death of your employee due to the injuries or illness, the burial cost will also be reimbursed.
  1. Garage Keepers’ Policy : This policy covers any damage caused to your customers, while their cars are parked on your property, caused due to any unforeseen eventualities.
  1. Product Liability Insurance : This insurance policy covers the food served by your bar. If the food served by your bar causes sickness by consuming your products, your bar stands liable for the medical and other related costs incurred by the consumer.
  1. Asset and Battery Coverage : This policy covers incidents that arise from consumption of alcohol.

To cover all the above aspects, your Bar Insurance in Houston, Texas should be an ‘Umbrella Policy’ that will give you a lot of financial savings.

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