Importance Of Health And Safety Signs To Reduce Threats

One of the biggest challenges, a workplace owner has to face is to ensure safety and good health of his or her employees. But,the major roadblock in achieving this is the lack of information or communication, As, it is vital that everyone concerned must understand the risks, threats and how it should be dealt with. Therefore, proper signage in a workplace is essential, as it is the best form of communication with your staff.

The health and safety signs can be placed anywhere where there a potential threat to a human being. And, the main aim is to indicate the potential danger, therefore; it cannot be avoided and overlooked. These signs clearly define the precautions to take in order to avoid the hazards.

Their importance

Today, there are a great number of different health and safety signs- many only required for specific location, but most of them are indispensable. These signs can convey a variety of messages because a simple warning of danger is not enough. The best health and safety signs are not only used to prevent dangerous situations, but also instruct your employees what to do under an unforeseen incident. For example, a hazardous gas sign may be accompanied by an instruction to wear mask and gloves. The message on the sign board is more effective than a lone warning symbol.

Types of health and safety signs

There are mainly four types of safety signage used in the workplace, and generally have same color scheme globally.

According to Color

Red- it indicates immediate danger which may occur, therefore it must be clear and sound.

Yellow- It is a warning that certain precautions to be taken to ensure safety at the workplace.

Blue- It is a mandatory instruction that means warning to ensure safety.

Green- It is the color of safety and it indicates escape route or first aid.

Every workplace must have them

A proper workplace is likely to have all of these types of signs.

Having health and safety signs in your place of work can significantly reduce accidents, injuries, and loss of lives. Many countries have also have legislation in place these signs are required to be placed in the workplace by law. Today, there are many manufacturers which have health and safety signs for sale which can be purchased according to your need.

Where to buy- online or offline

As a business owner, you can easily find health and safety signs for sale online, as there are many websites which sell these products. Or, you can visit local sign board stores in your locality. They also tailor made signs according to your building specification, but you cannot change their basic design.

We can’t say that by installing health and safety signs, we can prevent all hazardous accidents. But, in most cases, they are very effective. Most importantly, workers should be made familiar with these signs; regular classes should be organized because these signs will of no use if your workers are not familiar with it.

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