Ideas To Attract More Business To An Older Building

When you own a business, what should matter most is the quality of the products and services you’re selling. Unfortunately, in order to attract clients and customers to give your business a try, you’ll need to get them in the door. If you’re operating out of an older commercial building, wear and tear and aged materials could have an effect on the outward appearance of your business and how many people will give it go. Fortunately, there are ways to attract more business, regardless of the age of the space you’re renting. Here are some valuable tips to help prospective clients focus more on your brand than the storefront.

Choose Signage to Attract the Right Demographic

Signage is everything when you’re looking to increase foot traffic. If you choose an outdated sign that doesn’t speak for the brand and doesn’t appeal to the appropriate demographic, it’ll be difficult for pedestrians and drivers to relate. If you want to strike a person’s curiosity even when you’re in an older building, you’ll need to start with traditional signage or sidewalk posters in downtown areas.

Take the time to sit outside your building and look for trends in the type of people who pass by. Once you know the demographic that frequents the area, you can start to design a sign that identifies your business, and speaks volumes to a specific demographic.

Create Eye-Catching Displays

If you’re in business to sell a consumer goods, it’s all about how the products are displayed. You can have the best products available, and miss out on loads of genuinely interested consumers because they didn’t know what was hidden behind your doors. If you don’t have window displays, it’s about time you created some. If there’s not currently a display window, it’ll be worth the investment to engineer one and fund the project once you see how many clients start coming through the door. Construction experts at places like Sullivan Engineering LLC can help to make the necessary modifications to an older façade and give you the space you need to work with.

Advertise Workshops at Local Community Events

Sprucing up your storefront is important, but it’s not the only thing you can do. If you don’t want the age of your building to be a factor, you could always attract traffic away from the property, and give them a reason to come find your establishment. Participate in community events or advertise useful workshops that you can hold at the store to earn loyal customers who will come back in the future.

Attracting business can be difficult in any type of business, but it’s especially challenging in older buildings that might not set the right tone for customers. If you want to show your company is just as good as the one in a new high-tech office, you’ll need to create targeted signs, a nice storefront, and a marketing campaign to drive traffic from all over you area.

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