HR Department: 5 Ways To Meet Your Match

One of the challenges for any human resource department is finding applicants who fit well within the company. This can be challenging especially when hundreds of people apply for a single position. There are several tips that will help human resource departments in finding candidates that are a good match for the business.

Advertise In Appropriate Venues

It is always a good idea to place employment advertisements in specific venues related to the company or the larger business. The best match for a company is likely to be someone who is familiar with the industry and the products or services being sold. Advertisements in large papers or on large websites will attract many applicants who have no connection to the business or the position.

Create an Accurate Job Description

The job description should be as accurate and specific as possible. It should include the minimum requirements as well as the preferred qualifications. It is often helpful to create an online landing page that provides additional details for interested applicants. Placing some personality in the advertisement will help to draw people with matching characteristics as well.

Corporate Culture

A strategy that an increasing number of businesses are using to find matching candidates is to expose applicants to some of the corporate culture unique to the company. This might mean showing applicants special employee areas or company-wide traditions. It could also mean introducing applicants to unique employees. This can help to sort out people who do not fit in with the existing culture.

Due Diligence

The officers in the human resources department should take the time to perform all due diligence regardless of the other qualifications of the candidate. All references should be checked, previous employers contacted and background checks run when appropriate. This helps to create transparency that will remove any doubt about the history and qualifications of the applicant.

Ask Hard Questions

The interview is one of the most critical parts of finding an employee. The interview should be more than a simple face-to-face meeting. It is important to ask hard questions that reveal less obvious aspects of the applicant. These questions should spark insightful comments from the person about past mistakes and future goals.

Include Others in the Interview

An effective policy in some situations is to include one or more other people in an interview. These other people could be potential supervisors for the candidate or even other members of the human resources staff. This can help because different people will bring away different impressions from an interview. It also helps if a potential supervisor is included since detailed information about the job will be available.

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