HP Pavilion p7-1110

Desktops are great devices to have at home. The cost of a powerhouse desktop is way lower compared to that of a powerhouse laptop due to the portability issue. If you are almost always working at home or just gaming, you don’t need a strong laptop. One alternative is to get the HP Pavilion p7-1110 valued at $530. It is affordable but still packs a punch with all-around features.

The Pavilion p7-1110 looks just like any other HP tower system. They all have a chassis made of black aluminum whereas the front panel has a glossy finish to it. On the top, there is a white-blue LED that tells you what state the computer is in. A blue color will tell you that it is operational while orange is a sign that it is on standby. One neat feature of the Pavilion p7-1110 is its sliding door located in the front panel. Behind it, you will find audio jacks and a couple of USB 2.0 ports.

Connecting your media cards is a cinch on the Pavilion p7-1110 thanks to the card reader slots located at the top of the front panel. Below these card slots is a DVD multi-reader and burner. If you look closely, you will also notice that there are two bays unoccupied. This is because the system allows you to add more components if needed. There are two SATA pins inside that are not in use. It is possible for a user to add two hard drives or possibly one hard drive and one Blu-ray drive if needed. It is kind of sad that the default optical drive is not a Blu-ray one. Considering the price, HP probably will not get any more profit if they did so.

There is little chance that a user will add one or two hard drives. Why? The hard drive included in the package is already a 1TB drive running at 7200RPM. That is tantamount to 1000GB of storage which not many can fill. One downside of this cheap HP tower is its power supply. Most of the other Pavilion towers have a 300W supply. This one only has a 250W capacity which means that if you add more components, you would probably need to replace it. The other things being powered by this 250W supply include the Intel Core i3 processor and the memory modules. The RAM installed is 6GB which is bigger than the 4GB present in other desktops of the same price.

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