How Uniforms Portray Brand Force

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Company uniforms are a great way to ensure that your employees look the part. A sophisticated, well designed uniform will give your workforce a collective impact and authority that it might not have otherwise. Consumers trust uniforms – they know that the people wearing them are there to help. A company uniform, however, can be used for much more than that. If chosen and worn with care it can be one of the most effective branding tools at a company’s disposal.

Sure, you can hand out promotional calendars and pens, you can put flyers through letterboxes and hang posters on street corners, but wouldn’t it be great if you could do your advertising on site – literally, on staff. It’s cheap, it’s efficient and it’s very effective but only if it’s done right. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to establish a company uniform that will promote your brand on your behalf.

Know Your Customer

In order to successfully use branded clothing, you must first understand your customer, says Houston Chronicle journalist Sharon Penn. If you run a business where employees spend most of their time behind desks or booths – trying to influence a customer through clothing isn’t going to work. Think about how much time an average customer spends visiting your place of business, about how much time they spend in direct contact with employees. Consider whether or not it’s appropriate to move some of your staff members outside or off the premises entirely. Are your customers more likely to be swayed by a walking, talking advertisement for your products, than they would be by a static poster or flyer?

No More Auto Pilot

Far too many businesses think that the best way to use a branded uniform is through continuity. Unfortunately, it’s not true – society and the people in it change on a month to month basis. If they’re not the same as they were last month, how can you be sure that they’ll still find your promotional uniforms appealing? The very best way to use a uniform to portray branding force is to update it every 4 to 5 months. That way, you can utilise current trends to up your uniform’s effectiveness. Take some time to follow what’s going on in the world – find out what people care about. If environmentalism is the buzz word about town, buy eco-friendly uniforms and make sure that people know about it. The experts at Falcon Marketing point out that constantly updating a uniform can be very expensive, especially for a small business, but there are ways to tackle this. Obviously, the entire uniform doesn’t have to be replaced. The T-shirt or sweater is usually the only part of a uniform that’s branded, so is the only item that needs changing.


The SPIN system stands for situation, problem, implication, need. It can help you to establish what it is you’re looking for, says Jeff Hendersen of Print Wear magazine.


My employees work outside on a forecourt.


They need a branded uniform that’s weather appropriate.


It can’t stain or run and it has to be visible in low light as well as strong sunlight.


Use strong, bold colors and thick lines. Purchase uniforms in a fabric that’s lightweight but durable.

Get Creative

These days, there are more ways to brand a shirt than simply sticking a logo and a picture on the front. If you can afford it, do something a bit more elaborate. Scented inks are a popular tool right now. They’re sprayed onto a uniform and come in all kinds of scents – everything from coffee, to pie, to hot dogs to steak. Imagine how easily a customer can be swayed by a quick whiff of fried steak! It’s a huge novelty as well – customers are bound to ask about it and you can then explain how it works, all the time drawing attention to your business. UV designs are another popular choice with customers. A UV uniform is perfect for someone who works outdoors, especially in summer, as its design changes when hit by direct sunlight. If your company uniform is innovative and exciting, your customers will want to engage with those who are wearing it.

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