How to Turn Your Wall Into a Productivity Gem

Were you one of those kids who considered every flat surface to be an art canvas?  Once you started attending school, did you really love to write on the chalkboard? Do you consider graffiti to be a form of high art? If the answer any of these questions is “yes,” then the walls of your home office or your regular office represent a potential productivity gem. Even if you’re not especially artistic, your walls can help you unleash your creative powers in ways that you might not have imagined. 

What Is a Glass Whiteboard?

The first step in creating a productivity wall in your office or home is to install glass whiteboard on one or more of your walls. If glass whiteboard is too expensive, you can substitute something like a white glass tabletop. The main requirement is that you must be able to mark the surface with special marker board pens – and that it must be possible to remove those markings with a whiteboard eraser. 

glass whiteboard is the twenty-first century substitute for the old school chalkboard. However, unlike chalkboards, whiteboards do not generate chalk dust. You also avoid the grating sound of chalk being dragged across the board when you use a whiteboard. 

Impromptu Meetings

Wherever you have a whiteboard, a group of chairs and a table, you have an improvised conference room. Use your whiteboard to keep tab of meetings and other important business. For instance, a whiteboard could be used to post the agenda for meetings. As the meeting progresses, use the whiteboard to check off items on the agenda. Keep tabs of attendance by writing a list of expected colleagues on the whiteboard, then having people place a checkmark or an X by their names as they arrive at the meeting place. 

Concrete Brainstorming

Some of your best ideas come when you brainstorm, either alone or with a group of colleagues. Use your whiteboard to write down ideas or innovative approaches to issues as they come to you.  If you modify an idea, or devise a better way to execute a task – it’s no problem to erase some or all of what you’ve written and replace it with your new insight.  And if you have a group of brain stormers, you can assign a different color marker to each person, so that it’s easy to keep track of who developed which ideas. 

Ever-Changing Art Displays

Do you hate drab, boring walls? If you’re inspired by artwork and color, a glass whiteboard provides a means to surround yourself with ever changing visual appeal, for very little money. Express your artistic talent by creating a work of art from whiteboard markers. Whenever you want a change of scenery, simply erase the old artwork and replace it with something new.  It’s much cheaper that collecting artwork, and much less work than applying a new coat of paint or wallpaper – plus you have the opportunity to express yourself creatively as well as an excuse to take well deserved downtime without feeling guilty about “doing nothing.” 

Immortalize creations that you especially love by taking a photograph. Create a poster sized version of your whiteboard artwork for framing and hanging on your wall at work or at home. You may even decide to sell copies to make a bit more money. 

Robert Smyth is a corporate trainer. He loves sharing his new ideas on small business blogs.

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