How to Tell if They’re On The Up and Up

With more and more companies and individual vendors using the internet as a means to conduct business, the standards have become higher in terms of the buying and selling process. The e-commerce industry is truly expansive and provides millions of consumers with the goods and services they want and need. There are many benefits to shopping online including significant reduction in cost and a wider selection of items and services to choose from. The quantity of vendors online is also so great that no one company can monopolize any market whatsoever. If you don’t like the quality, style or cost of an item in one place you know that there are ten other places you can go to for comparable items. The internet satisfies the consumer’ need to have options and to be catered to.

Another good feature of shopping online is that you are literally able to peruse the globe for the items you want. You are not limited to shopping within your state or country and with advancements in the shipping and post industry, you can have the things you want overnight in some cases! Now with all these glowing accolades, there is the matter of the down side of shopping on the internet. There are signs you can look out for that can prevent you from engaging in financial transactions with vendors online who seem shady. Providing sensitive information like your full name, date of birth and social security number to vendors who aren’t affiliated with reputable organizations is a sure way to getting your money or even your identity stolen. Here are a couple things you can look out for to let you know if a vendor is on the up and up:


Make sure that your vendor has a reputable and secure payment processing system set up. Merchant account service reviews by Better Business Bureaus list Instabill as a running contender for payment processing excellence. You want a site that has adequate and thorough payment tracking with a back end that is impenetrable. You need a system that communicates quickly and efficiently and you want to be able to make payments without fear of identity theft.


A big part of internet shopping is facilitating the transfer of good from one location to the other. There are standard ways to accomplish this locally, but they aren’t always reliable or cost efficient. Fixed price boxes are fun because you can stuff them full of items and ship them out for one flat rate. When buying multiple items from one vendor, you can ask them to bundle your package so the shipping cost will be lower. For international shipping traditional methods can be a hassle. Particularly famous for the Caribbean shoppers is barrel shipping. For those who invest in sky boxes, or rented US addresses, you can bundle your purchases into one barrel and have it sea shipped as opposed to air shipped, which is more costly. There’s no longer a reason for you not to get the things you want!

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