How To Take Care Of Oak Office Furniture

Oak furniture is the first choice of many a discerning customer today. Cheaper flat packs are no longer the fashion as more and more people are choosing longer lasting, durable pieces of furniture that will go the distance. They may be more expensive but they are so hard wearing they can last from one generation to the next making them a wise investment. Oak furniture is usually popular for bedrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens, but what about the office? Oak computer desks, bookcases and even filing cabinets are available and can create a comfortable and elegant office space.

Why Choose Oak Office Furniture

  • Some people dislike the clinical ‘office’ look of white walls and clean lines. A much more traditional and homely look can be created using oak office furniture. Oak filing cabinets look infinitely better than a big metal ‘boxy’ one. You can get a plush leather office chair with oak effect handles and legs to fit in with your oak desk and other furniture.
  • It is hard wearing and durable. Cheap flat pack furniture doesn’t wear well and can look old and shabby very quickly, particularly if you are working in your office daily. An oak desk in particular will last and continue to look good.
  • Oak office furniture is available in all shapes and sizes. Many people think that it’s not suitable for a small space, but you could even get a small corner desk with a hutch over the top.
  • Oak furniture can create a more beautiful and classy appearance and you will undoubtedly enjoy working in a more stylish and comfortable environment.

Taking Care Of Your Furniture

When buying oak furniture for your office make sure that it is pre-treated with oil or wax. This means that it will be protected against any potential spills. Just make sure you don’t leave a damp mug on your oak desk for too long.

Oak furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight as it can fade the color and damage the surface.

Stains and scratches can easily be treated by applying some butter, leaving it overnight, and wiping off with a clean cloth in the morning. A better idea is to keep your desk covered to prevent scratches in the first place. If you don’t want to cover the desk just use something underneath your lap top and use a coaster underneath drinks.

Dust your oak furniture regularly to clear build-up of dirt and grime. Don’t use any chemical cleaning products that might damage the surface of the wood – just wipe regularly with a lint free, cotton cloth.

You can retain the surface of your furniture by waxing regularly. A coat of wax will enhance the look of the item and will also protect the finish so that it lasts longer.

This article was written by Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Oak Furniture Solutions. Oak Furniture Solutions are the UK’s leading supplier of quality furniture items like Oak Chest Of Drawers

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