How To Strengthen Database For Email Marketing?

Adding new customers to database is highly relevant as far as an email marketing company is concerned. Strength database determines the amount of conversions to be expected. If the number of customers receiving the mail increases, the open rate will increase that in turn, will increase conversion rate.

Let see how to strengthen database for Email Marketing:

  1. Encourage current customer to share and forward Emails: Ask your current customers to share and forward the mails, ask them to make other join register. Give current customers relevant offers.
    For Example: You can run loyalty programme such as maximum shares win a Nike T-Shirt or something.
  2. Online Contest: Run enticing contests and force people to register and participate. Offer them something interest; definitely you can see the difference.
  3. Create multiple Email Subscription Types: It’s not necessary to create subscription types which ask people to register to login. You can include subscription form such as register to subscribe our newsletters, register to receive latest updates or register to know more about the latest offers or products.
  4. Create an engaging opt-in Message: Don’t always give plain text and ask customers to subscribe. Give them some offers such be the first to join and receive 50% off on first 5 purchases etc.
  5. Add a Link to your Employees Signature: When you send any mail add link in to the signature, every time someone receives the mail they will see the link and we don’t know when people feel like clicking on it and joining you.

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