How to Sell Your Home: The Three Top Tips

With many areas of the country facing a situation where supply far outstrips demand selling your home can be a daunting prospect. But there are ways that this imbalance can be countered and the road to completion made more navigable.

1. Choose the Best Estate Agent

Without the support and knowledge of an experienced estate agent, selling your home is an almost impossible task. To assess which company is best suited to your property needs, you should research the immediate area around your home. Which agent’s boards are prevalent? How long have the properties been for sale? Is their website professional and accessible? If possible, you should talk to customers who have first-hand experience of your potential agents in order to gain some understanding of the service you might receive. Finally, invite a selection of prospective agents to view your home; if they are able to deliver a fair but honest assessment of your property, they might be the right fit for you.

2. Ensure your Home is Visible and Available

Once you have got the right agency working in your corner, it is time to make the most of marketing your home to potential buyers. The best estate agents will know exactly how to do this, but there are some options to consider:

Go for the most comprehensive sales brochure your budget can afford: Buyers are always drawn to listings which offer the most information about a property. Estate agents such as Winkworth include floor plans, energy certificates, location maps and well-written particulars which give their clients a far better chance of attracting viewings.

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Be flexible: If you can, you need to make your home available for viewings when it suits buyers and not always when it suits yourself. For example, blocking off evening and weekend viewings makes your estate agents’ job more difficult and decreases your chances of selling your home.

Choose photographs that make an impact: Quality estate agents will provide quality photographs that make the most of your home. Providing well-taken photographs is one of the best ways to raise interest, procure viewings and get prospective buyers through the door.

3.Make sure your House doesn’t Disappoint

With your chosen estate agents working hard to get viewings for your home, you must play your part by ensuring that the house is well-maintained and clutter-free. This needs to start from the outside and continue all the way through your home so re-painting the door, sweeping the porch and investing in sensible and practical storage solutions can really improve your home’s potential. Renowned estate agents Winkworth suggest paying particular attention to cleanliness in bathrooms and kitchens can make or break a prospective buyers’ interest in your property. Indeed, being prepared for the investigation of every little detail can go a long way to securing a quick sale.

Selling your home can be a difficult time both emotionally and financially, but approaching it sensibly and securing the best estate agents to support your needs can make a real difference.

Maria John is a property expert. She recommends choosing well-established companies such as Winkworth estate agents to make the property selling process as stress-free as possible and she writes for a range of publications on the topic of the housing market.

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